Face value – Skincare is the biggest beauty trend going into 2019

The beauty industry has long been one of the world’s most profitable and most popular for years. The market has never been in decline because there has always been a customer base that thrives on beautification and wellness. Over the years, there have been trends that have come and gone in the beauty industry. For every sweeping trend, there has been a transitory revolution. The beauty trends of this year are no different. In 2018, there has been an increasing beauty trend that refuses to fade into the background. It is one that, frankly, should have been a priority long before titans of the beauty industry began to market it as such. In fact, this may well be the first beauty trend that is going to stick, rather than fade into the distance in the wake of the next “big thing” in beauty. Companies like Facial Sculpting have become more and more popular as the beauty trend takes over the world, and with good reason. These companies have high quality doctors, such as Dr Nina Bal, who is solely focused on giving their clients the best results and allowing them to feel their best. The rise of the skincare obsession around the world has resulted in a newfound appreciation and desperation for the expertise of facial sculpting clinics and skincare products globally.

Facial sculpting businesses specialise in a few different services, and each company has their own way of approaching skincare methods and rejuvenation. The three most popular and widely accredited procedures and processes are cosmetic dentistry, aesthetics, and facial sculpting. Individuals often go to facial sculpting businesses to get their teeth, gums, and bite cosmetically altered to improve their appearance. There are also facial aesthetic treatments that offer non-surgical treatments that successfully reduce the signs of ageing without the need for surgery. Last, but not least, there is a concept that is available at some beauty businesses – like Facial Sculpting – that is called facial sculpting. This concept generally caters to emphasising the balance of facial features, ultimately leaving the client with a fresh, revitalised feel and look to their face. The beauty industry has been built and sustained off the age-old obsession of people to give their skin a revitalisation, and facial sculpting businesses are the latest – and greatest – innovators and leaders in this newest and brightest beauty trend. There are also some skincare techniques and procedures that individuals can carry out themselves without the need for professional assistance.

The sheet mask is one of the biggest skincare beauty trends sweeping the planet in 2018. While it has been a beauty staple in South Korea for years, thanks to social media the sheet mask has found its way into the attention of individuals the world over. Homemade face masks are one of the other biggest skincare trends in the world. individuals are using anything from clay, to kitchen cupboard ingredients, and even glitter to make face masks that will give their skin a youthful, pristine glow. These masks can be (mostly) used on the rest of the body as well, making them one of the ultimate skincare routine preferences of this year – and going into 2019, too. Taking it even further in the way of self-treatments for skincare, is the newest craze in face creams and moisturisers. Face cream is not a new concept, but it is surprisingly one that has become the foundation for crystals to make their way into daily skincare routines (yes, really).

The skin is widely regarded as the largest organ of the body. Therefore, it only makes sense that we should take care of it. Dr Nina Bal, creator of Facial Sculpting in London, describes the value in investing in one’s skin, “For me, it is a thrill to give my clients the gift of looking young and feeling great again. Their happiness and gratitude is what fulfils me and gives me a reason to excel”. Facial sculpting businesses are designed with one goal in mind. That is to give their clients the ultimate in skincare luxury, taking all the work that comes with having to use creams, serums, and facemasks. There is a certain appeal in having luminous skin that is not likely to go away any time soon, and these brands not only build their success around that appeal but also constantly draw in the crowds. This ongoing success is a win-win situation; the businesses get a loyal, happy clientele, and the clients get the results they once only dreamed of.

Skincare is the biggest and best beauty trend of 2018. Past beauty trends have a way of blasting into the industry and then disappearing without a trace, but the recent wave of skincare obsession is likely to be the first beauty trend that genuinely sticks. Skincare is something that, realistically, should always have been a priority, but for whatever reason it has only come into focus in recent years as a priority for most people around the world. companies like Facial Sculpting are dedicated to giving their clients the best treatment available, and it is businesses like these that will prove to become more valuable to individuals as the trend becomes a long-lived staple in the beauty industry.