How Do I Know Which Operating System My Computer Is Running?

Here is a fact: Six out of 10 computer users don’t even know the operating system their computer is running. If we should take it a little higher, you found out that almost 80% of PC users don’t even know the version of their current operating system that they are running. An average computer user doesn’t care about these kinds of stuff. Well, until he runs into problems.

You don’t have to wait until you have problems before you know the operating system your computer is currently running. When you know your current operating system as well as the version, it helps you in choosing the software you use in your computer. You can also save money and take better care of your computer just by having basic information about your computer.

What is an Operating System?

Are you confused with what Operating System is? Well, it is the most important software of your computer. It runs your computer. This includes managing your computer’s memory, processing input and output, and even controlling your hardware.

Your computer operating system is like the human brain. When brain damage occurs, you will live the rest of your life in a vegetative state. Your computer is useless without an operating system. The difference between the operating system and the human brain is that you can always get a new operating system. You can also upgrade to a newer version or even downgrade to lower version.

How To Identify Your Current Operating System?

To know the exact operating system your computer is currently running, you have to determine the operating system first and then check for the current version. You can then compare to know if your operating system is the most recent one.

Windows vs. Mac

Window and Mac operating system are the two most common operating systems. Ubuntu and Linux are other options. However, those two are mostly used by programmers. Programmers don’t have a problem figuring out their operating system. Average users have to choose between Windows and Mac operating system.

Windows operating system is owned by Microsoft and come pre-installed in many new computers. As of today, it is the most popular operating system in the world. Mac OS is created by Apple. You will usually see it on new Macintosh computers.

You can find out your operating system even without touching your computer. This can be done by looking for some characteristics. For example:

  • Does your computer have an Apple logo?
  • Do you have a command key that looks like this () on the keyboard?

You are likely running Mac operating system if you have above signs on your computer. Otherwise, you have a Windows operating system. Alternatively, you can always turn on your computer. As your computer is booting, it will clearly show the logo of the current operating system it is running.

Other methods to find out which operating system your computer has includes:

  • First Method

This is a very simple way to find out which version of Window you have. To do this, simply press the “Windows” key on your computer (it looks like four squares, usually placed at the bottom of the keyboard). Ensure you press the “Windows” key together with “R” key.

Once you do this, a dialogue box will open, go ahead and type “Winver” in the dialogue box and then hit the enter key. Your current Windows version will appear immediately.

Note: Windows 10 is the latest Windows version at the time of writing this article (February 2019). If you buy a new computer, there is 99% chance it will come with Windows 10 except you buy from Apple store.

  • Second Method

This is another simple way to check your current operating system, along with other important information. To do this:

Click on the Windows Start Button (at extreme bottom left of your screen). A new page will pop up. Then click on the “Settings” icon. Another new page will pop with a place to type search word.

At the search box at the top, type in “About Your PC” and hit the “Enter” key. Once you do, you will see your current operating system.

This second method is a great way to see a lot of information about your computer. Apart from your operating system, you will also be able to see your device name, processor, installed RAM, device ID, product ID, system type, and other information about your computer.

How To Check Your Current MacOS Version?

If you are operating Mac Operating System, you can be able to check the version of Mac you are running currently. To do this:

Click at the “Apple Icon” from the menu of your Apple computer. Then click on “About This Mac” and wait. A new window will pop up with the exact version of your MacOS that is installed. You also have the option to visit App Store and upgrade if a new version is available.

Final Word

A lot of people don’t know a lot about their computer. You can take better care of your computer when you have the necessary information about it. According to windows community founder Mr. Anand Khanse, more than 60% of computer software problems that are reported by customers to computer repair service are things customers can fix themselves. You can save money and time when you learn about your computer and how you can solve some minor issues yourself.