How to use technology to solve energy and waste issues

Technology can be placed into many different categories. Defining technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.”  With an ambiguous denotation of the word, it’s connotation seems endless. For some individuals, technology is just using things such as machines, phones, computers or other things that must be related to an engineering or science field. Technology can be used to create solutions to some of the world’s largest problems. It can be used to advance fields like never before, but also it can be used to save the planet with new and innovative ideas toward understanding climate change and how to use technology to help the world. Product reincarnation technology can help the planet find effective solutions for the unnecessarily large amount of garbage and waste humans continue to contribute to on a daily basis.

Humans try to muster solutions each day to the ever growing issue behind human waste, climate change, and the energy crisis. All of these things were done by man and therefore, should be solved by man. A first start in learning how to tackle such a complicated issue is to understand that it is not a one step process. Solving a global energy crisis will take many different angles as it will need the power of everyone to help. Although social justice and energy warriors are often taunted by conservative media, the issues revolving around earth’s climate are not political, they require immediate action. The climate does not belong to a party; humans belong to the climate. Humans inhabit the world and must learn to develop some type of desire to save the very thing that they destroyed. It can not be the effort of one state, one nation, or one land, but of all the people across the globe.

A step in the right direction is to cultivate a sense of urgency of reducing personal and family household waste. A crisis this large can only be solved when humans and technology are involved. Understanding the empirical values of individual waste will help when learning the severity of the situation. As garbage keeps piling up, it can be a serious issue for figuring out what to do with all of it. Although landfills were originally an excellent solution for figuring out how to centralized the locations of garbage piles, it isn’t becoming a long term answer. As pollution continues to be a serious issue, it must be dealt with. Landfills can ultimately lead to polluted lakes, rivers, and oceans. Pollution not only hurts water quality, but it can damage or even kill animals that live in the water. With pollution being a leading factor in the rising temperature of the earth, ecosystems are being destroyed and the amount of animals becoming endangered or even extinct continues to increase. With all of these factors leading to negative and deadly consequences, learning how to utilize technology to reverse the effects of pollution should be an immediate priority for many in the energy technology fields.

Pollution is not the only factor contributing to the energy crisis. The source of energy is also an issue. Due to the fact that most energy comes from fossil fuels, those types of energy sources are limited. Not only are they limited, but when burned, increase the pollution in the air. Looking into alternative energy sources has to become necessary for the health of the planet and the continuation of humanity. Humans may not exist on a planet that is desolate in resources. Investing in energy technology industries is going to be a primary way that the energy crisis may be solved.

Energy technology has the ability to innovate solutions to one of the world’s largest problems: climate change. To reverse some of the damage done by humans, engineers and technology professionals must work together to find solutions. Fortunately, many of these fields and industries have already teamed up to start the beginning steps in change. Learning how to use technology to take garbage and turn them into new products is an excellent and innovative way to reduce garbage by creating something out of the waste. Getting people on board with recycling will be an important step in creating a global society dedicated toward making the world a better place all around.

Although waste reduction is an important step toward solving the energy crisis, it also takes a certain mindset and determination of all people across the globe to make a change. Societies must feel a sense of urgency to utilize energy technology provided to them to create solutions. It will take people with an open and innovative mind dedicated to finding a way to reduce waste,  and reuse and recreate products. It also takes a call to action for consumers to learn greener lifestyle habits while also providing ways to find alternative sources of energy that are economically cost effective as a permanent solution.