How Two Normal Guys Became the #1 Way People Learn How To Sell on Amazon FBA

Starting an online business can seem hard, particularly when every “guru” is trying to sell some different way to “get rich quick”.  Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott (formerly a basketball player and a computer salesman) started selling on Amazon FBA and, long story short, got REALLY good at it.

People started asking them to teach them, so they did via YouTube.  Eventually, this morphed into a full fledged step by step coaching program called KT V.I.P.

When I asked Kale WHY they named it V.I.P. and why it was different than other online programs he said, “Honestly, it’s called V.I.P. for a reason.  Most online coaches treat their students like just another number, another paycheck. They get tossed into a program with zero guidance and are destined for failure.  We’ve put our money where our mouth is with this one… I guarantee there are ZERO coaches offering this level of step by step service for ANY business model… much less one as incredible as Amazon FBA.”

The program consists of 6 weekly live stream face to face Q and A calls with Kale, Taylor, and 6-7 Figure AMZ sellers.  It offers all the photography, software, example product picks, and listing optimization that new sellers need to be successful on the platform.  

It also offers nearly 300 step by step, over the shoulder videos on exactly how to set up and start an Amazon FBA Business.

Elite clients can even upgrade to a V.I.P. “one on one” program where they get bi-weekly 1v1 coaching calls with a 6 figure AMZ seller.

Having poured over this program, and spoken to Kale and Taylor personally.  I’ll tell you this.

These guys are honestly exactly what they say they are.

Taylor may have summed it up best when he told me, “Honestly we don’t need money, or care about that.  This business has LITERALLY changed our lives, and we refuse to forget where we came from as we help other people do the same.  I remember packing boxes in Kale’s 200 sq ft studio apartment when we started this thing… We don’t take any of our success for granted.”


The market seems to have noticed that the authenticity and service of this program outclasses the competition.  Kale and Taylor’s program continues to grow and thrive at an astonishing rate. For more information you can read KT V.I.P. Review and Nine University Review, today.