Marketing Your Legal Practice

In the legal profession, you are only as profitable as you have clients, whether you are a probate lawyer or divorce lawyer. As you’re certainly quite well aware, many legal professionals spend countless hours researching papers and preparing for cases in order to win the battle of the courtroom for their clients. This is often done in an effort to make clients happy, obtain word of mouth referrals, and arguably on different levels for each legal professional, to sustain or even bolster their reputation in the field of law.

Unfortunately, most legal professionals often fail to look at the bigger picture: your client life cycle must begin somewhere, and the legal professional should look at this cycle like any other business would: a funnel. The bottom line is that word of mouth referral alone will not provide you with enough clients to sustain your legal practice, and you need to do what any other business does: market your services. In essence, you need to put your services in front of the eyes of those that need them- and while your client might drunkenly ramble about his/her love (and hopefully not hate) for you at the bar post-case, that drunken rambling is nothing compared to what appearing in the top results for “divorce attorney (in your state)” would bring to the table for you.

The good news: as a legal professionally, you’re certainly one sharp cookie. Conducting the research on how to market your services is doable, but you’ll quickly learn that the amount of time that a comprehensive digital marketing campaign takes is extensive. You’re already busy enough with your legal cases and client management. The simple truth is that, in the legal profession, it is almost always (if not entirely always) the case that marketing is simply more cost effective for you to outsource. After all, would you rather be spending your time preparing for a court case or managing Google Adwords?

As a legal professional, you’re likely sharp enough to know that Google Adwords would be a must for you as part of an overall digital marketing package. However, you’re likely not well-versed enough in the intricacies of other digital marketing platforms. The last place you might think to advertise legal services (especially, let’s say divorce representation) is Facebook. Have you heard of what retargeting can do? A competent digital marketing professional knows this skill, and while your prospective client might think that their Google search and website visit was gone as soon as they closed that browser window, your legal practice will appear in their Facebook news feed. Suddenly, Stacy’s taco dinner or Brad’s dog photos seem a lot less pertinent than securing your valuable services, and you just gained a client.

Running your legal practice is a mutli-faceted operation which is analogous to owning a business: because you do own a business. Thus, treating your legal practice like you would any other business, in terms of marketing, can yield high results. Other law firms are realizing the importance of marketing in the legal sector and taking note: why aren’t you?