The Uprise of CBD: Why is CBD Everywhere?

Talking about marijuana openly in any Western community has never been easier than now. Over the past couple of years, marijuana has evolved, however, it was only relatable to marijuana smokers. If you rewind back in time to a decade ago, people that smoked marijuana was seen as lazy, unmotivated, and unintelligent individuals – think Cheech and Chong. This idea was pushed through tv shows, movies, and music, forming this association with these negative values. However, as time passed, popular culture and social media began to embrace marijuana, illustrating it as a social activity and a form of relaxation rather than a gateway to an empty and hardcore drug-related life. As the years passed, marijuana was normalized in movies, music videos, and social media. However, what the public didn’t know was that behind the scenes, the medical community was focusing their attention on cannabidiol (CBD), taking marijuana to the next level. And it has certainly made its mark.

If you were to go on the street and stop anyone to ask them about CBD, no one can tell you the precise moment when it made its way on the mainstream market, however, there is one thing we all know: everyone is talking about it. But what is CBD oil exactly and most importantly, how did it rise to this level of mainstream popularity?

Let’s get to the first part of that question: what is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the non-psychoactive components that are found in cannabis or hemp. In other words, you’re not able to get high from CBD, unlike marijuana. Sadly, people heavily associate cannabis with the high factor, however, they’re unaware of the other benefits retrieved from CBD. From study to study, it’s been found that CBD is able to be used as a tool to relieve various health issues. We’re not talking about small health problems, in fact, through research, it’s been found that CBD helps to relieve certain mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, reduces addictive drug-induced behaviors, prevents insomnia, the use of cbd oil for arthritis, inflammation, sexual dysfunctions, PMS, menopause, and other serious and painful health conditions. Through the use of CBD, people are sleeping better at night, overcoming addiction, and starting to enjoy life again.

Though people were enticed by finding out about the power of CBD, many were turned off by the assumption that CBD needed to be smoked. However, users don’t have to smoke it in order to reap the benefits. Rather, users of CBD can ingest it through gummy blocks, CBD sugar, CBD oil, chewable treats, and syrups. The fact that CBD is ingestable in various ways is what is now making it popular for people who prefer not to smoke. Older generations and people with children can use CBD comfortably in their own home without struggling or feeling guilty. But is this what made it become popular in the mainstream market?

In order for an individual to obtain a CBD product prior to the surge in popularity, they ran the risk of being criminally charged if CBD was found on them. What made the marijuana market open up, initially, was the legalization of hemp-derived CBD. This legalization not only allows CBD products to be manufactured but also allow customers to obtain the product risk-free. There wasn’t this fear of having to weigh your options: back pain or jail time? No one wants to ruin their life over a bottle of oil or chewable CBD treats. This fear is what really stunted the market.

In addition to legalization, there are two other components which helped the surge of popularity. Firstly, CBD companies were able to advertise on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. And secondly, celebrities were starting to openly support CBD products.

Digital advertising became an effective tool for every business in the world. Businesses are able to reach customers from around the world, targeting their specific demographics and also expand their clientele. Through online marketing, CBD businesses are able to not only educate a vast amount of people about CBD but also connect customers to their product. Plus, users of CBD wrote articles, created YouTube videos and this also made people curious about CBD. Mixed with online marketing, the CBD community is also now being endorsed by celebrities and other influential individuals which have the ability to push the CBD community into the limelight. Singer Mandy Moore openly stated that she’s, “trying some CBD oil on my feet” in order to relieve her of foot pain when wearing heels. And this is just one example.

People also gather their information from trusted sources. Naturally, people gravitate to individuals with a medical background when talking about medication and treatments. Dr. Sanjay Gupta nationally endorsed CBD on “The Dr. Oz Show” stating that  “I believe there is a legitimate medicine here. We’re talking about something that could really help people.” Thus, as more and more people hear from notable doctors or celebrities, they’re more inclined to research and try the product out.

This uprise for CBD was one that couldn’t be stopped and nor should it. Though the research continues, more people are stepping away from prescription medication and looking into CBD for an alternative treatment to pain, anxiety, and depression – to just name a few. As the research continues, the uprise of CBD will grow stronger and stronger among the community. It’s clear that it’s a revolution that cannot be stopped.