Top 10 Reasons Why Learning Python In 2019 Is Highly Recommended

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become a hotcake in the world of technologies. With technology getting smarter, the demand for Python is on a high rise. IT Outsourcing has also brought in a massive wave of developers towards learning Python. From small companies to the giant ones, Python is the need of the hour and hence tech experts are turning their faces towards learning this effective language. Learning Python is easy, it is easy to use for coding, is easily portable and object-oriented. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some reasons that might inspire you to learn Python now.

10 reasons behind the increasing demand for Python

1. Data Science- Today’s world is incapable of progressing without contributions from data science. Several languages like R, C++ etc. are a hot favorite among the data scientists. Data is everywhere and it is all about dealing with a huge quantity of data to execute any business. This is known as dealing with Big Data. The Big Data can easily be handled using Python, its easy integration with other programming language makes this language more future-oriented and scalable.

2. Machine Learning- Machine Learning is the present and future of technology. It is used in a complicated environment where there is a complex mixture of variables, objects, arithmetic and Boolean expressions. One can easily notice the sophistication of the algorithm with each passing day. Google uses a complex algorithm to understand your searches and give you simplified results. It also gives some recommendations depending on your previous searches, thanks to the sophisticated algorithm. The building block for all these is Python and thus it is extremely important to learn the same.

3. Web Development- The backend development of any website, now uses Python instead of PHP. The rising demand is due to the fact that it has served to be a much better alternative. Python has helped many product-based platforms to grow like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Python basically helps in creating more robust codes. Python frameworks like Django makes the whole process of web development very easy.

4. Simple- The best thing about Python is that it is simple and easy to learn. When you decide to start with a programming language, it should not be complicated with intense codes. There are no classpath problems in Python. You would just need to install and run it. The whole look of Python is quite elegant. Also, unlike some other traditional programming languages, the Python codes can be written in lesser lines and a crisp manner.

5. Huge Community- While learning Python, in case you encounter any problems, then there is a huge community that would support you and where you would find almost all types of solutions. This has made the whole process of learning the language much more fun.

6. Frameworks- Python has got a superior framework. The frameworks are not only secure but they are quite easy to use and fast. Developers prefer this as they are easy to set-up and comes with shorter development time. For example, the best framework for Python is hands-down Django. It is a fact that the richer the framework is, the deeper learning is needed as it would be translated into long term valuable result.

7. Automation- Test scripts are written in order to automate tasks and this is where Python contributes the most. The time required and the number of lines of codes is really less in case of automation. The best thing about Python is that it supports a lot of tools and modules, hence learning Python would help them to learn a high level of automation task quite easily. Software testing is one of the most prominent career choices now and knowing Python would boost the performance level of the tester. 

8. Multipurpose- Python is indeed a multitasker as it is not tied to any one disciple. You can perform different tasks using Python, like fetch data from SQL server. 

9. Jobs and career growth- We started the article by mentioning the wide options of job prospects one can get exposed to when they learn Python. It is a gateway to writing code that would help to develop the new age technology. With the increasing number of people opting for Python learning, its popularity is touching the skies. Learning the language is important for your growth and it would open doors to new opportunities.

10. Salary- Finally, the most important aspect of any job is salary. It is what we all work for. Python developers are one of the highest-paid professionals. From data science to machine learning and web development, knowing Python can pay you great. Along with the skills, your salary would also be dependent on experience and some other factors as well.

It is important to note here that learning to code using Python is indeed a fantastic way to start your career. Or if you already know Java and C++, then learning Python would add a great boost to your career.

Python not only shines as an individual language but also helps in automation development and web development. These two are the most promising industry in today’s world. Also, Python is quite versatile, Pandas is the fastest-growing Python package. Thus it can be said that the rising demand for data science has also improved the overall position of Python.