Dim Sum on Sunday @ 11AM


j posted this message to the list… Sun and I are hoping people will join us at Chau Chow City (83 Essex Street in Chinatown) on Sunday, December 21, at 11 am for dim sum. Friends, significant others, and family members are welcome, too. South Station is the closest stop on the Red Line (and may be the closest subway stop). Chinatown is the closest stop on the Orange Line. There is a tiny parking lot very close to the restaurant that is not free. Street parking may be available a short walk away in the financial district. If you could let me know in advance if you plan to join us, that would be very helpful because when Sun and I get to the restaurant, we can put in a request for a table if we know who and how many are coming.

If you’re coming from the Somerville/Cambridge/Arlington area and want to travel there with someone, let me know ’cause I’ll be coming from that direction and I know how to get to the restaurant.

Dim sum is Chinese food that some people think is quite tasty. It’s often eaten for brunch. The Chau Chow City waitstaff roams the restaurant with carts filled with steamed foods, fried goodies, dumplings, soup, seafood, and assorted desserts. Customers select what to eat as the carts pass by. The food is often served in steamer containers with 2 or 3 items per container. Going with a group can work well because there’s more opportunity to share and try different items. It may also be possible to order from Chau Chow City’s Menu.

Sun and I usually get there around 11 am. We usually leave around 1 pm. People are welcome to drift in and out between those times. When we know others are joining us, we try to be polite and wait to order until quite a few people are at the table. The bill usually comes to about $10 per person.

Friends, family members, children, significant others, insignificant others, etc., are welcome.

Addendum 12/29 by j: Two people besides Sun and I came to the dim sum outing. It was very yummy and we all appreciated Sun’s willingness to share his language skills and culture with us. I plan to organize a similar outing in January. Stay tuned for details. (If you don’t like dim sum, don’t let that stop you from joining us: you can order off their menu. If you don’t like bloggers, that’s another problem.)

Addendum 1/10: Bob posted a photo from the outing.

Addedum 1/11: Michael also uses Bob’s photo.

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