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2004/07/08 Proposed Agenda


Proposed agenda:

At this meeeting, we will focus on what we want to do as a group next year. The list below are some ideas people have been talking about. If you would like to contribute to this list before the meeting on Thursday, please comment or see the note below about contacting j or Jay. Similarly, if you are unable to attend the meeting, but you have suggestions you would like to share, please comment below or contact one of the Jays. In true Jay-fashion, you could also blog on your own blog, but please let us know if you do to ensure that we see the post.

  • Our home at Berkman
  • Moderators
  • Webcasting
    • license
    • microphone
  • Getting involved with other groups
  • Guest speakers
  • Does our group have an official name?
  • Marketing
  • More fun activities
    • The Neighborhood in Union Square for Portuguese and American brunch
    • dim sum place in Newton
    • dim sum first weekend in August
  • Moving the meeting day
  • More people contributing to the Thursday Meetings blog
  • The lists
  • Getting people on Berkman’s network
  • A new official shirt to replace the “I *heart* RSS” shirts
  • Eat

    • Cambridge Common
    • Cookout on 7/1
    • Bombay Club on 6/24

No Webcast


Construction note: There might still be a fence around Harkness Commons preventing access to the Berkman Center via the Harvard Law School yard. It may be possible to cut through Pound Hall to get to a parking lot near the Berkman Center. For those coming from Harvard Square, it might be easier to travel along Massachusetts Avenue to the Berkman Center. map

Like past and future agendas, if you have an item you’d like on the agenda, comment, get blogging privileges from Jay , or contact him or the other j.

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