Print-friendly/Text-only Versions of Manila Blogs


This Web page on the Manila Newbies site explains the macro that creates the print-friendly/text-only version of a Manila blog. The macro itself is: {printFriendlyLink ("Text of the link you would like to use")}. Insert this code with the text you’d like to have on your page in your Manila blog’s template to get a print-friendly/text-only version of your blog and its contents. The resulting page uses the Print-Friendly Template, an editable version of which is in the advanced preferences.

Print-friendly/Text-only Versions of Manila Blogs …

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  1. Ignasi

    July 14, 2007 @ 6:19 pm



    Recently I have made a post where I where I show how to add the Printer friendly hack in Blogger.

    So, If you are interested in this information,here you can read the post:


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