Celebration of political bloggers, Monday 10/30


Please join us for a celebration of bloggers, honoring the citizen journalists chronicling the Massachusetts 2006 governor’s race.

What: Blogging the Vote in 2006: A Celebration of Political Bloggers
When: Monday, October 30, 5pm
Where: Berkman Center, 23 Everett Street, Second Floor

With each election cycle of the 21st century, more and more citizen journalists have been getting in on the act of covering campaigns and
the stories that swirl around them. The race for governor of
Massachusetts in 2006 has been covered by dozens of bloggers — as well as by journalists who are writing blogs in addition to their video, audio, and print stories in mainstream media outlets. The role that these citizen journalists are playing has been the topic of intense interest among pundits, academics, candidates, and their campaigns alike. One thing is for certain: these citizen journalists, and mainstream journalists experimenting with new media, should be celebrated for their role in making public the discussion about who should be the next Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Please join us at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society for a
celebration to honor all those who have been blogging the vote here in
Massachusetts in 2006. Whatever party, perspective, or new medium you
call your own, or however you get your news about this election, we’d
love to meet you and raise a glass to all those whose hard work has been making the 2006 campaign here in Massachusetts more vibrant and exciting than ever before.

Please let us know if you plan to attend, so we can be sure there’s plenty of snacks & drinks for all .

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