NO MEETING tonight, 2007/06/28


There will not be a meeting tonight (unless people want to organize one in the comments or on the list). Erica is wiped out after a week of conference & meetings, and we have not set a topic or guest. See you all next week for a special “beer & blogs” at the Cambridge Common.
Upcoming events of interest:

  • See the Berkman Calendar for upcoming Berkman stuff.
  • Feel free to publicize related events here! Let Erica or j know, comment, or add them yourself if you have an editor account.

Various upcoming & potential stuff on our schedule:

  • July 5 – beer & blogs at the Cambridge Common
  • July 12, 19, 26 – possible summer hiatus or cool guest speakers?
    • Erica is unavailable to lead meetings these weeks
    • j has an online commitment each of those weeks from 6-8 p. She could possibly be present at the blog meetings, but not able to lead any meetings.
  • August 9 – Local-based media extravaganza, led by Lisa Williams. Will be awesome.
  • Second Life – 1) a guided tour + how-to session | 2) a debate on it. Good? Bad? Both?
  • Dan Bricklin, known for his work on VisiCalc and wikiCalc
  • People to do sessions on maps & mapping: Ben Sheldon / Adam / Tracy Rolling of Platial
  • Digital natives: ask Erin Mishkin
  • For parents: what *are* your kids doing on the social web? Get a few students to lead it.
  • What’s the latest in the Free Culture movement?
  • Skype: How does it work? Why use it? What are the best clients? j can lead something
  • People to do sessions on video: Steve Garfield / David Temez of Boston Media Makers
  • OpenID – Why you should use it, why you should develop with it (ask Rod Begbie)
  • Streaming radio – how to make your own streaming radio station, the new rules around it
  • Principles of design/UI, how to learn as a beginner?
  • Latest tools for blogging / Latest mashups and widgets / How have tools changed in the past year or so?
  • you?
  • If you want to help shepherd a potential future topic or if you have ideas of your own, please talk to Erica or j. We’d love – and could really use – your help!+

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