2008/07/31 Proposed Agenda: Grab Bag!


Tonight’s one of our good old tried-and-true grab bag nights. j has a presentation she’d like advice on, but this is also a great night for bringing your own conundrums, neat sites, etc. We haven’t done one of these in a while.

Upcoming meetings & events:

  • August 7: Berkman needs the conference room so we’re planning a picnic! Since our last picnic kinda got rained out, let’s have some fun outside the HLS student center (Harkness Commons), which has a beach volleyball court, tables, etc. Berkman has a bocce set; we need someone to bring a volleyball. Bring your own food, tho if folks also want to bring snacks / sides / desserts to share that’s a bonus.
  • At some point, we should take advantage of Berkman’s RockBand set and have a music party in lieu of a normal meeting.
  • It’s getting to be time to have another dim sum gathering, too…
  • See the Berkman Calendar for other upcoming Berkman stuff.
  • Feel free to publicize related events here! Let Erica or j know, comment, or add them yourself if you have an editor account.

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