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How to Hire the Perfect Moving Service for Relocation


Packing and moving companies relocate household goods and furniture for their customers. These professional packers and movers give excellent, affordable moving help to customers for quick relocation. Customers should follow these steps to hire professional movers who are trustworthy to handle the process of transporting your goods.

Search Google for the Best Moving Companies

Right now, the internet is the best place to research the reputation of a moving company. You can quickly check the status of the moving companies US DOT license at here . Interstate and international moving service providers can be hired for immediate backup of your goods to reach your destination on time.

Google maps to enable customers to track the best movers in their specific local area. To choose the local moving companies in your home town you can easily read their reviews on Google Maps to see how other customers like their services.  However, if you are not pleased, go ahead to search Google and Bing to find the large domestic and international moving companies.

Check the experience of the Movers 

Before hiring a professional team of movers, you want to evaluate the quality of the service offered by that specific moving company. Packing fragile items and furniture so they do not get damaged in the moving process is not easy.  Therefore, if the company has tons of positive feedbacks from previous customers, your likely to have a good moving experience too.

Top Movers Have a Logistics Department

Most moving companies offer packing services to people who can’t or are not able to do proper packing at home. A full packing service should save time if you have a last minute move. Many reliable moving companies have logistic departments that offer full-service packing support to consumers. Movers know how to pack things properly in boxes so everything arrives at your new home undamaged.

Paperless Contracts with the option of Full Value Protection

Complicated manual billing and paperwork are unacceptable to the new generation of Millennials. They are more accustomed to technology helping in their everyday life. Most professional packers and movers have tablets to complete the moving paperwork with fast payment options.  This paperless contract process can be done very fast. More Moving Companies are moving towards digital solutions on their website to make the booking, moving, and payment process easier

Availability of Customer Service Representatives

Customers need moving help in a very small window of time. They usually have already made arrangements to drive or fly to their new home. Sometimes, the professional movers don’t arrive on time. When this happens you need to call customer care representatives to make sure they will arrive during the timeframe that you need them. Customer Service Departments now have several means of communication including Telephone and Online Live Chat.

Complete Security of your Belongings

Customers’ expensive furniture pieces, jewelry, and expensive devices should be protected from the elements. You should pick a mover that has a climate controlled warehouse so your items do not get damaged by the weather. Your belongings shouldn’t be damaged or broken due to rough handling. But let’s face it, mistakes happen. That’s why, licensed moving companies have multiple custom moving insurance options for their customers.  Ask about different types on insurance before you book your move.

Check to see if your moving company is Licensed with the US DOT

Unknown local moving companies may be a risky choice if they provide a sub-standard service. Some movers are not reputable or always honest.  Hiring a bad moving company can ruin your entire move, especially for customers who have to change their homes quickly. Lack of professionalism can destroy the business and its relationship with their customers. If you want your move done properly and professionally, you should hire experienced movers whose have a great reputation. They don’t hesitate to complete the moving job meticulously and professionally.

Make sure the Moving Service Has a Business License 

Fake movers dupe customers. These unreliable companies have no licenses or insurance required to perform your move. Often a group of local laborers establish a small unlicensed company to earn money easily by taking shortcuts. They do not own moving trucks or have websites to promote their moving business. Licensed moving companies for transporting household goods must have proper insurance, licenses and other documents as proof that they are a real company. Customers can now easily verify the licenses of companies online through state or federal websites.

Check the Reputation of the Moving company

Is the mover ill-equipped to run a moving and storage company?  Finding a large number of bad feedback that are posted on sites regarding being scammed or receiving poor service are big red flags. When customers are displeased they will usually turn to an online review site to let the world know about their moving experience. For this reason, please research to know about the professionalism, reliability and quality of service that the moving company provides. Previous reviews and referrals from friends on moving companies are a good way to find a reliable one.

Top Notch Movers Have Fleets of New Vehicles for Moving Support

When customers require long distance interstate moving service, moving trucks must be reliable, durable and properly maintained. These moving trucks should have new working power-train drives and road surveillance equipment. Double door compartments on the commercial trucks are a great way to unload from the middle of the truck. The capacity of tractor trailer must be sufficient, while not too big that the truck can’t fit under bridges. Modern trucks are equipped with digital spy cam and monitoring accessories to ensure safety of the cargo.

Avoid hassles and bad customer service while moving. The perfect moving help from one of the best relocation companies can make your move stress free. Whether it is cross country or international relocation, you must do your own research on moving companies for a hassle free move.

How to choose among the applications for children


The majority of so-called educational digital applications would not offer real learning opportunities for toddlers, says an American study. Currently, there is no standard regulating the use of the term “educational content” to describe the applications available for tablets or smartphones. Moreover, from a scientific point of view, we still know very little about the effects of these applications on the development of the child, the researchers remind us. It can be difficult for a parent to determine whether an application is educational or not.

The authors of the study established 5 criteria to evaluate the educational potential of an application:

– The application requires a real mental effort and limits passive activities such as repetitive scanning of the screen. The kids academy talented & gifted programs can be considered.

– The child can therefore be actively involved when using the application.

– The child can concentrate without being distracted by sound effects and pop-up windows.

– The child can make connections between his environment and the information presented in the application. It guides his exploration, but allows him to make his discoveries in his own way without imposing a way of thinking. For example, an application that prompts him to photograph triangular objects will be more conducive to learning than an application where the child simply identifies a triangle among other shapes.
– The app encourages social interaction, with real people, through discussion, conversation or competition. Some applications offer the possibility to work in groups on a drawing or enigma. Others encourage the child to discuss with his parents new things he has learned using the app.

However, there is no harm in letting a child have fun with a non-educational app on occasion, the researchers say. Parents should be aware, however, that even so-called educational applications can’t replace other more challenging activities like pretending with a friend or reading with an adult. The recommendations on the screen time also apply in the same way for these applications as for television or video games.

The screen time

According to the Canadian Sedentary Behavior Guidelines for Early Childhood, children 2 to 4 years old should not spend more than 1 hour per day in front of a screen and 5 years and older, not more than 2 hours. As for children under 2, they should not be exposed to screens.

Evolution of the Dog House


Just as architecture has taken our homes from their simplistic past to the endless array of house styles that we see today, so also have the homes of man’s best friend evolved.  Early History

Dogs were held in high esteem in the ancient world, especially in Egypt, where they were considered the messengers of the gods. In this culture we find the earliest records of the dog house, which were then made of mud and brick. But most every culture since either housed their dog inside their own homes or let him brave the elements outside.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that dog houses started becoming more of a common trend. During this time they were just made of whatever materials the owner could find, and the most simple of designs, usually the typical rectangle shape with a steeped roof.

Then around the time of WW2 dog houses started becoming mass produced in the factory, often with lumber and plywood. And in the 60’s plastic started becoming the most popular material for production. This allowed for better protection, not only from the rain but from insects which could sneak in through he cracks of the wood.

Modern Times

Doghouses have since become much more common for a couple reasons: one is the population has grown and another is because the average person has had more money to spend than generations of the past. And with a higher demand, the styles and materials have broadened evenly; so much so that now you can find a dog house in virtually any style, shape, material, color and size that you could imagine.

Traditional Dog House

The standard dog house now is pretty basic in form. It’s usually constructed of wood or plastic and has the typical rectangular shape. It’s not meant to be eye candy but instead to serve the purpose of merely keeping your dog sheltered outdoors. You can easily find these in most department stores and often relatively relatively inexpensive.

Indoor Dog House

The indoor dog house has become quite popular in recent years. Many pet owners, usually city and apartment dwellers, don’t have backyards for their dogs. But they still want to give them their own private home in which to sleep. The indoor dog house becomes the perfect solution.

These are also great additions to the home because you can find them in many different and fun styles in which to match your decor, whether they be an edition to the living room or bedroom.

Luxury Dog Houses

For those who love to splurge on their pets, and have the money to so, there’s the luxury dog house option. Luxury dog houses are the creme de la creme of the pet industry. Especially with the advent of ecommerce, you can now find premium made doghouses with a slew of amenities; everything from windows, indoor lighting, and temperature control, to premium bedding and air vents.

Bowhouse by modern.PET

Themed Dog Houses

There’s a lot of creative designers in this industry who have chosen to create dog houses with a specific theme in mind. One of these being Bowhouse by the Chicago based modern.PET. Bowhouse is a contemporary rendition of the mid century modern architectural style of the early 1900’s Bauhaus movement of Weimar Germany. Another is Taj Mahal by Rockstar Puppy. This amazing work is nearly an exact mini rendition of the world famous Indian mausoleum.

Yet another themed dog house is Tahiti. This artistic work, with its tribal engravings, bamboo trimmings, straw roof and overall tropical hut appearance looks as though is should have an ocean view from the Bora Bora shoreline. And there are many many more creative products out on the market now, these were just a few.

So if you have an outdoor dog, and haven’t gotten him a doghouse yet, I highly recommend that you do so. Outdoor dogs need to have shelter from the elements, whether it be rain, sun or the cold. Dog houses are a necessity for the responsible pet owner. Go for a basic dog house if you aren’t interested in any of the more extravagant versions.

And if you have an indoor dog, or would like to upgrade to something nicer for your pooch, now you know there’s a lot out there on the market these days choose from, that both you and your dog are sure to fall in love with.

The 3 Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy


25%, or roughly 30 million US households own a cat as a pet. And pet owners often regard their pet as being as much of the family as the rest of the family members. And as such, they want to ensure the best care for their pet. In this article I will discuss three of the best ways to keep your cat happy and healthy so he can be a vital part of your family for many years to come.


Perhaps the most important area when it comes to keeping your cat healthy is its nutrition. For those with cats who aren’t very active (which tend to be a large percentage as sleeping is one of their favorite past times), as well as for elderly cats and those with health issues, nutrition is even more important.

Buying quality cat food is essential. This doesn’t have to mean it has to be premium cat food though. There are are many affordable brands on the market which offer a good balanced diet for felines. Cats, more than even dogs, need diets which are high in protein. They also should have a high fat content and low carb content. So keep this in mind when deciding on a brand. The following are some of the top quality brands out there right now.

  • Ziwipeak
  • Acana
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct
  • Wellness Core
  • Castor & Pollux


Historically, cats had no problem get ample amounts of exercise. Their ancestors spent a good amount of their waking hours on the move. Most of that time was spent hunting for food as they didn’t have the luxury of a human feeding them several times a day. Modern cats live a much different life, most of which is spent lounging on the sofa. This is unfortunate as exercise is as vital to a cat’s health as it is to a human’s.

Some cat owners allow their cats to roam outdoors to get their exercise in. This is very unwise as it puts the cat in a variety of possible dangers. There are much better solutions which allow cats to get their exercise inside; the most common is toys. There’s hundreds if not thousands of toys on the market which allow cats to get their exercise in through play. Just switch them out occasionally so your cat doesn’t get bored with the same thing. They really like interactive ones, especially those which allow you to be interactive with them.

Another great way to keep your cat active is with cat furniture. A lot of owners get their cat a cat tree or cat tower. Cats love to climb, this is what they do in the wild. And the more elaborate the cat tree the more fun they’re going to have with it.

Many people are hesitant about getting a cat tree though which is totally understandable. Why you ask? Well, to be blunt, the traditional cat tree is hideous. It normally consists of a tall wooden post wrapped in carpet. This eyesore pretty much kills the aesthetic look of any modern, high end or stylish home of any kind. Fortunately there’s a large variety of designer and luxury cat furniture out there now as an alternative to the tradition cat tree. With these your cat cat get his exercise in and you can still have a great looking living room.

There’s also an alternative option to the cat tree which is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. This is the cat wheel. Cat exercise wheels let your cat get even more exercise in than cat trees as instead of climbing they are running. This modern piece of cat furniture is the best way to get a sluggish or overweight cat in shape. Some cats won’t know how to use the wheel right away so to encourage them to run on it just wave a hanging mouse toy or a laser pointer in front of them.


Cats can take supplements just like humans. Supplementation can be done either when your cat is ill as an addition to the veterinarian’s protocol, or as a preventative measure to keep your cat healthy. The following are a few of the supplements good for cats.


Probiotics are essentially good bacteria. They are found in the large intestines of mammals and help digestion as well as help fight off bad bacteria. Probiotic supplementation is helpful when your cat has diarrhea, IBS or to help boost his overall immune system. But they’re especially important to when your cat is on antibiotics, as these are meant to kill bad bacteria in the system during an infection, but it also unfortunately targets the good as well.


Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10 for short, is an antioxidant that cats naturally produce and its production decreases with age, just as with humans. And just as we can supplement this antioxidant for a better health, they can likewise. CoQ10 enhances the formation of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the basic energy molecule used by every cell in the body. Supplementation is most useful for cats with cardiovascular issues. Increased energy is just one of the many other miner benefits of that can be obtained through CoQ10 supplementation.


Glucosamine supplements can be given to successfully alleviate symptoms for cats suffering from arthritis and joint issues. Just like CoQ10, the body’s natural levels of glucosamine also diminish with age. The lower amounts of this protective nutrient we have, the more susceptible  our pets are to joint pain degradation and pain. Supplementation balances out these levels and in turn alleviates the negative issues they incur.

There are many other supplements that cats can be helpful to cats, these are just a few. But always make sure to do thorough research before giving them to your cat as it’s important to know the safe amounts, as well as what types can be given. Just because the same  supplement can be given to both humans and cats, or cats and dogs, doesn’t mean that it can be given in the same form, and obviously the dosage will be different.

The average lifespan of the domesticated cat is 15 years. A well cared for cat that is kept healthy and active should even live longer. And not only well they live a longer life, they’ll live a happier life.

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