Water Conservation as a Virtue: How to Teach this to Kids

Mastering the art of teaching could be all that you need as a parent. And what I mean by teaching is actually being able to impart to them something that they will understand and eventually do.

I made an emphasis on that because teaching is a lot more than just explaining something. Explaining without getting the message across to the child is of no value at all in parenthood. If any, it could even be detrimental to your relationship with your child because when you explain, all that he hears is a clanging cymbal that makes no sense at all.

Three things you need to have to be capable of teaching

Teaching your child requires knowledge, credibility, and creativity. You have to really know whatever it is you are sharing to them or you’ll end up misinforming your kids, which you surely do not want to happen.

If you have knowledge of all these things you tell them, then it will not be hard to attain the second thing, which is credibility.  The more credible you are to your child, the higher the chances he or she will listen to what you have to say.

Attaining knowledge, doing what you say you will, not saying what you will not do, and so many other things will give you the credibility you need. But one thing that will will not is by lying to your child over and over.

The problem with parents these days is that they make up pure lies only to force their children to follow them, without exerting a little effort to gain knowledge about these things they are saying. If you are like this, don’t be surprised if the opposite of what you want happens. Because if your child realizes that you lie on most things, he won’t listen to you again.

Lastly, you have to find creative ways to teach your child something of value. Admittedly, things of value are boring for these young ones. You have to explore ways to get them listening, and that could mean stooping down to their level, finding out their interests, and really looking into the world with their eyes. It takes time, patience, pure love, and a hundred percent willingness to find that right strategy to get your kids listening.

What to know about water crisis

Now, on the knowledge side of things, one of the facts you can tell your kids about (creatively) is that there are close to one million people worldwide who do not have access to potable water. This statistics is from Water.org itself (again, creatively! So you can skip this part when telling this to your kids).

This is one important truth that we should know about and keep in mind. Not only is this information compelling and useful for our kids, but to us as well. This should be enough to convict us to teach water conservation to our children.

Now it’s time to talk about the effective ways of teaching kids about saving water. Here they are.

Do it first

And it cannot be simpler than that. As they say, start them early and practice what you preach. Make it real in your life. Conserve water and show it to everyone in your house, including your child.

As you bathe them, use just the right amount of water. Don’t let the bucket overflow. Don’t let the shower run when washing them with soap. Reuse water from cooking and showering for plant watering in your garden. Use water-saving devices all around the house. Make water conservation a lifestyle.

Really explain it to your child

We’ve talked about how to get your kids listening. Now, when their ears are on you, explain to them why wasting water is so wrong. Tell them about the fact mentioned above. Let them know the possibilities if this keeps on happening and how big the difference they can make if they conserve water and make it a habit.

Use buckets and glasses more

Do you still have buckets at home? You should! Instead of using water hose to water plants or to clean the car, the garage, and the bicycle, fill a bucket with water and use it to accomplish these tasks. When brushing teeth, teach your kids to fill a glass or a tumbler with water instead of opening and closing the faucet several times to get water as you brush.

Water wastage should be a sin

Make water wastage a big deal to your family. Include in your house rules that whenever they see water leaks in the faucet or anywhere around the house, it is their responsibility to tell Mom and Dad about it. The same reporting should happen if one of them wastes water.

Immediately call plumber Singapore contractors should there be water supply and plumbing fixture issues and make your kids familiar with these pros. You can even teach your kids some DIY plumbing fixes that they can safely do.

Fun Activities to do to Teach Water Conservation

Water crisis bedtime story

Speaking of fun, one great move to instil water crisis awareness and the value of water conservation to your kids is by incorporating these things to bedtime stories. All parents are surely guilty of making up stories to put their children to sleep at night. Why not create a story about Wally the Water Waster or similar stories along those lines?

Read documentaries about water shortage

Most kids these days are all about cartoons and toy unwrapping videos in YouTube. But if you did a great job in getting them interested in environmental matters, raise the awareness a little higher by watching water shortage and ecology-related documentaries with them. This way, they will see the bigger picture of what you’re teaching them.

Let them play water conservation-related games

If you cannot expect your kids to stay with you for an hour or two, watching a documentary on saving mother earth, then introduce to them some or one of the games about water conservation.


Water crisis is not a joke. You don’t have to do more research to know that water conservation is vital to all living creatures this day and age. Our resources are getting more scarce by the day but the number of ways we devise to waste these resources increases just the same. This has to stop, and it’s time you get your kids involved. After all, aren’t they the ones who will suffer if we get what we deserve?


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