As a history teacher, I am very fond of primary sources. In our credential programs, history teachers are taught how to integrate primary sources into our classroom instruction. We are taught that primary sources bring learning alive and allow students to analyze, gain perspectives, and overall do the work of great historians. Knowing the many […]

My professor Justin Reich did a talk on Open Educational Resources, and their possible effect on decreasing the achievement gap. In the talk, he covers a plethora of topics, but what sparked my interest was the use of Wikis in Title I schools, or the lack thereof. Being a teacher from a Title I school, […]

Recently I have decided to give up on the CS50 MOOC before I have even started. Although this failure may have been due to a lack of research behind the MOOC, I am starting to see some of the flaws of Massive Open Online Courses. There are countless benefits to MOOCs, but with anything new […]