Chemistry, Biology, and my new girlfriend

Lately, things have been both challenging and looking up for me. I’ve been struggling through Chemistry although the chapter today about the gases isn’t so bad and difficultas the previous ones about titration, etc. I think I bombed the last test though. Sitting here wondering whether I belong or whether I can handle this workload is the most challenging thing for me. I need to actually assess my abilities. I guess they say persistance is the key.

As for Biology, it’s a lot of chemistry involved which really isn’t too tough but some of the concepts are riddled with math like the delta G and it’s effect on substrate affinity and the enzymes effect on the activation energy needed to catalyze a reaction. That stuff is somewhat tough. I still have to find a rythm to focusing and getting myself in gear. My mom would be proud though… despite my grades i am sticking it out and trying to push myself to succeed.

I do have a girlfriend, a sweet little pumpkin haha, and she’s wonderful. She likes science too and is going to try to get into the ALB program also. I think it will be exciting 🙂

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