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CSPAN Moot Court


In a highly interesting Moot Court televised on CSPAN, Charles Ogletree, of Harvard, and a Stanford Dean competed in a case centered around Admissions practices in 2013. The case revolved around the use of DNA as a means to objectively define race and using this objective means, a University of Kentucky applicant was defined as being under a certain established percentage which defined that person as being African American but lived and grew up as one. This applicant was likewise not included in the protected class and was not admitted to the University not only based on this matter but based primarily on one of many factors including the applicant’s race. Subsequently the case dealt with the issue of an objective description of affirmative action using purely objective DNA sampling and its constitutionality in using it as admission into a protected class of applicants in the admissions process.

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http://www.cspan.org/homepage.asp?Cat=S … veDays=100

I will add my paper on 18th century racial division below for you to read. Its called: Racial Sentiments in the 19th Century: Critical Antagonists of Democratic Equality

It’s not the greatest of quality but I wanted to express my views.

My paper link

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