Stephen Colbert Watch

The Daily Show is broadcasting from BU this week (don’t ask me from which theater or how to get tickets – grrr).


I initially signed up to volunteer for the DNC, but later decided to save my energy and vacation days for my real vacation. The number one reason I signed up was for the chance to see my favorite Daily Show correspondent, Stephen Colbert, in person. You know, without traveling to NYC to see the show, and without being interviewed for founding a mockable booster group like “Beautiful Women for Nader.”


So, I’m starting an unofficial Stephen Colbert Watch. Send me your sightings! Make them up, I don’t care. For inspiration, check out the hysterical “celebrity” sightings bulletin board on


Weirdly, the Daily Show crew hasn’t made it to Harvard Square on my lunch hour. Tony sighted Rob Corddry on the readers have spotted Lewis Black in front of BU’s Tsai Center (ah-ha! a clue!), and Jon Stewart on Comm Ave.


I’m headed to Charlie’s right now, and hoping Colbert loves the karaoke.

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