Anti Top Ten

I guess I should make a year-end Top Ten Film list…but I probably won’t for several reasons. First, because I haven’t seen many films this year. My top ten would be my only ten for the year. Second, because I’m not good at Top Ten lists. I don’t really think that way. Third, because I’m indecisive and very aware that making such lists pigeon-holes a person. The movies you like says a lot about you, and if you ask me to make a top ten list, you ask me to define myself. That’s a lot of work. I’m sort of like what’s-his-name in that shitty movie High Fidelity, the John Cusack character, who is so immersed in music in his life that he can’t possibly distill it into ten songs, and he edits the list interminably…that’s me. I need several top ten lists, if I’m to make any at all. There’s the Film School Top Ten, then there’s the Escapism Top Ten, then there’s the Depressive Girl’s Top Ten, then there’s the Local Top Ten, then there’s the Movies So Bad They’re Good Top Ten…the list goes on. Perhaps a top ten list of top ten lists is in order.

2 Responses to “Anti Top Ten”

  1. Amy Campbell
    December 8th, 2003 | 5:50 pm

    I think then you’ve just stumbled across your next blog. Top Ten Movies… and each entry has a different Top Ten Twist. And as a blog it’s endlessly updateable. Like you need another blog…

  2. cynthia rockwell
    December 10th, 2003 | 12:09 pm

    oh it sounds exhausting…but true. i think i may do it, if i ever get up the energy…