Movie Mack Daddy

I watched the 1st season of Project Greenlight on DVD and what the fuck was I thinking? Who wants to get inside the horror of moviemaking? Not me. I need no flashbacks to grad school, thanks. I’ll write the screenplay and I’ll critique the movie, but I don’t want to be anywhere near the set unless it’s a very very very good friend’s film and she is DESPERATE for extra hands. But watching the making of someone else’s movie without any of the urgency/obligation of being there is just unecessary torture…like watching a root canal. Unanaesthetized. Day after 20-hour day of stress, stress, and a little more stress thrown in for measure. 

And I have to say I was simultaneously amused and horrified by Ben Affleck, from sexually harassing a female movie exec not only during a group meeting but during the middle of one of her sentences:

FEMALE MOVIE EXEC: the way we should move forward is…
BEN (interrupting): you’re like a strict school teacher, aren’t ya…whip me, i’m a bad boy…

To mack daddy slicing through an excruciating moment by calling Harvey Weinstein on the phone and getting right through and getting an extra million added to the budget.

And then there was his parody of buddy and Greenlight producer Chris Moore’s over-dramatic memo style: (in exaggerated southern drawl): “IF I DON’T GET THE BUDGET TO MAKE THIS MOVIE THE WAY IT NEEDS TO BE MADE I WILL GO HOME AND SHOOT MY WIFE. PLEASE DON’T BE ALARMED BY THIS MEMO.”

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