The British Are Coming!

“I’m not from these parts, I’m from a little place called England. We used to run the world before you.”

–Actor Ricky Gervais, star and creator of BBC series The Office, on accepting his Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy series, the first-ever British sitcom to win a Golden Globe. Cynthia loves The Office. Cynthia could (and does) watch its episodes over and over and over and over.

UPDATE: Listen to Gervais interview on NPR. “I’m nobody in America, and it feels brilliant.” He is my hero. He cancelled The Office after two seasons because he didn’t want it to lose its freshness, said he has seen it happen too many times in comedy. Not an American way of doing things. Here we wring every dollar out of an idea until it is so worn and desiccated that it’s embarassing to witness.

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