Was recognized from my blog for the first time tonight. And it was the hair that gave me away! I was sitting in the darkened screening room at the Harvard Film Archive waiting for the first shots of Last Year at Marienbad to appear when none other than the Cinetrix slips in behind me and calls me out, introducing herself. Her identity will not be revealed here, but she’s got one helluva blog. I don’t know where she gets the energy to talk about film so much, but bless her for it. Grad school drained me of that.

And I still think Marienbad is as close to a parody of itself as a film can get. You wouldn’t have to change a thing to satirize it. I say this with love, though. The love of a burned out film student who has seen this movie about 17 too many times. But she’s managed to go a full year without seeing it, so she was due.

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