End of Cinema

Being TA for a film class means that I get to skip screenings if need be, as I’ve already had all of the art-film-greatest-hits crammed down my throat numerous times in grad school. Normally I stay for the screenings anyway, but I took the liberty of skipping out last night on Godard’s Weekend. I really wasn’t in the mood to voluntarily sit through a film that intends to do everything possible to insult, attack, offend, and depress me. Yay Godard, your film had the intended effect, but only of turning me off of your movie. That’s the problem with much of the avant-garde–they think if they make us uncomfortable enough they’ll push us to change the world rather than sitting passively in a movie theater watching escapist fluff, but really all they do is make you relish even more the movies that allow you to sit passively. After seeing Weekend, I want nothing more than a slice of old, silvery Hollywood. With pink icing on top.

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