Ponderous Film Screenings

We’re watching Tarkovsky’s Stalker tonight in class. My last experience with this film was when I assisted with a film screening series at BU and made up a flyer for the film based on descriptions I found on the web…I hadn’t seen the film yet, and the descriptions made little more linear sense than the film itself, so my description had pretty much nothing to do with the film. It described it as sort of a sci-fi thriller, which got lots of people into the theater, but also spat out a lot of angry viewers who felt misled. Ooops! Ah well, it was a free screening, and if I have to trick you to get you to see Tarkovsky, all the better. Like tricking a dog into taking its medicine by hiding it in his food. And then he spits it out. Much like the huffy filmgoers did that night.

(i also must add how EXCITED i am that i finally figured out how to do text-wrap around images on this goddamned blog. it was just a simple macro! wheeee!)

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