Huckabees Mini-Series?

Huckabees cowriter Jeff Baena says in this interview that
if there was one thing he could change about the film, he would make it
longer. Their script was something like 325 pages long. I wouldn’t say
this about many movies (or any movies?), but this one made me so happy
that I wouldn’t have minded hanging out in that world for a couple more

And I did drag Guy to see it this week, and he loved it too. Enough to actually use the hated heart symbol in his post about it. 

I’m off to Cali this evening, not sure if I’ll be blogging over the next several days…

One Response to “Huckabees Mini-Series?”

  1. Lisa
    January 14th, 2005 | 10:26 am

    Have a great trip!! Steer clear of soggy mountains and step into a Huckbee world. (why not, you’re on vacation)