How To Ruin My Jokes, Part 3

I have twice before lamented the ways in which my jokes have been ruined by others. First there was the lament over people not getting your jokes and thinking you’re the one who’s stupid. Then there was the problem of people not hearing your jokes and the inappropriateness of repeating them (can’t find it in my archives to link). Here, in part 3, we shall discuss situations where a person hears your joke, thinks it’s funny, and tries to add something to top it off, but the top-off is so lame it sinks, taking your original funny joke down with it. It happened twice last week at Silverdocs, but rather than incriminate any friends I will instead share a memorable example from a couple of years ago when I was on a tea date with my ARCH ENEMY.

My ARCH ENEMY is a funny guy of the stand-up comedian variety. A showman. I didn’t know him very well and this was only our second time hanging out and I was smitten and giggly. He was standing at the counter at Tealuxe and ordered our tea, and as I pulled out my wallet he said “I got your tea.” I smiled and fumbled to put my wallet away. Then he pulled out a $20 and said “Anyway I’m rich, I just robbed an old lady on the way over here. She yelled ‘Stop! Stop!’ but I said SHUT UP!” 

I saved this pseudo-joke by adding, “How rude of her.”

He laughed loudly, and so did the girl behind the counter, which made me happy, but unfortunately he couldn’t stop there. He added “yeah, I don’t know where these old people get off thinking they get to keep money.”


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