Switching Sides

I once told someone that watching Control Room made me ashamed to be American. Looks like starring in the film had that effect on someone as well:

Josh Rushing, who was stationed in Doha at the United States central command media office and later gained an international profile in the documentary Control Room, will be based in Washington DC in an unspecified role for the English language version of the Arab satellite news channel, which starts broadcasting early next year.

Rushing left the US Marine Corps after 14 years disillusioned over its media management and became an independent commentator.

“In a time when American media has become so nationalised, I’m excited about joining an organisation that truly wants to be a source of global information,” Rushing said.

from the Guardian, via chuck

One Response to “Switching Sides”

  1. aslam
    September 29th, 2005 | 2:24 am

    Man! He was so hot in “Control Room,” and not just because he was a babe, which, BTW, is not why I wrote about him…


    Well, now he’s gone and become hotter by choosing to do this!