Hot Hasid

My companion at the Opening Night Gala for the Boston Jewish Film Festival thought I was nuts when I said I thought the star of the night’s film was hot. The film was Ushpizin, a fiction film (the first ever) made by and about orthodox Jews in Israel. Here’s the sexy Moshe:

The star, Shuli Rand, was an actor before he turned religious, and he has definite charisma. And a great deep voice. A sort of brooding quality. Even when wearing a shtreimel.

But beyond Moshe’s brooding sexiness, it was an interesting film. A fable, nicely told. And I loved the female co-star, who is also Rand’s wife in real life–he would only make the film with her, as it would be improper otherwise. I love that she’s a big woman–a big tough broad whom he adores. We need to see more of that in movies.

One Response to “Hot Hasid”

  1. Sam
    November 9th, 2005 | 8:36 pm

    Oh, meshugena…