I Plan to Buy This Book

Filmmaker Miranda July has gone back to fiction-writing and published a new book of short stories. Some people are turned off by her ‘preciousness,’ and I admit she walks a very very very fine line with it, but I agree 100% with this reviewer’s thoughts on her:

“Ms. July is graced with an unabashed love for the basic humanity of her characters. She’s a true anomaly in that she’s able to recognize the fucked-up underbelly of the culture while still having faith in that culture’s ability to survive and, however impossibly, achieve a few moments of shattering beauty.”

And she has a cute hyperlinked promo site for the book, in keeping with her preciousness.

UPDATE: I just looked at her promo site again, she is so fucking cute. 

One Response to “I Plan to Buy This Book”

  1. May 9th, 2007 | 6:20 pm

    Agreed. I’ve read several of the stories in Zoetrope already, yet I have to say that there’s still something inherently visual about July’s work that doesn’t always translate for me. I almost have to read her stories as short films, and sometimes that’s tiresome. (Times I feel like that I read Kevin Moffett or George Saunders.) Mostly, it’s refreshing, however, and the mid-May release should be worth the bucks spent on the collection.