Zune-PlaysForSure Reax: “This Can’t Be True.”

Skim the Digg commentary and you’ll find many users who can’t believe that Zune won’t Play For Sure. It’s so bizarre, they assume the report is inaccurate, despite citations to numerous press reports and MS’ own release. Even CrunchGear refused to believe it. I think most media reports were so confused, that they didn’t report on it — better to avoid the subject altogether than to write an erroneous report. (That, and the media got spun hard on the wireless sharing feature.)

To be fair, I was pretty shocked too. Sure, I can understand the possible business rationale, but the simple fact remains: Microsoft developed a player that can’t play protected Windows Media content from all services providers except the Zune Marketplace. Hell, that even includes the MSN Music Store. On its face, that just doesn’t seem to make sense — until it was official, I couldn’t believe any of the rumors.

Kudos to Wired’s Eliot Van Buskirk who did report this early and often, before the official Zune announcement this week.

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