I am a T-H-E-T-A

If there is one thing that I have learned since the start of this semester, it’s that the second half of the year goes by WAY faster than the first half.  Seriously, it seems like we only just got back, and we’re already in the midst of midterms!

In the frantic craze of everything going on, it was really difficult for me to choose a single topic to write on.  As a result, keep an eye out for an increasing number of posts!  I just have too much to say!

But by far one of the biggest things to happen to me this semester has been joining a sorority.  That’s right, I rushed.

Now, I don’t know what your preconceived notions of Greek life might be.  I can assure you that when I chose to come to Harvard, going Greek was the farthest thing from my mind.  I didn’t even know Harvard had Greek life.

As second semester approached, however, the idea of rushing started to grow on me.  Harvard has three sororities on campus (with rumors of a fourth coming next fall):  Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Delta Gamma.

Rush here for sororities is pretty low-key, especially compared to other schools.  If you choose to take part in the weeklong process, you are required to visit all three sororities in a series of rounds.  The first two rounds are mostly meet-and-greet, where you talk to a number of sisters and try to gauge whether or not you would fit in with their sorority.  After the second round, you rank the three sororities and hope you get invited back to one, two, or three.  The third round is a bit more formal in the sense that with fewer girls, the atmosphere becomes a bit more serious.  After this round, you rate the three sororities again, and get invited back to a maximum of two.  This final round, Preference Round, is where each sorority talks about why being in a sorority on campus is so great, and I’ll be honest, this was a big part of what convinced me to join.

While it may seem corny or trite, being in a sorority has given me an awesome network of girls who I can rely on for advice, homework help, event updates, and just a quick hello as I walk to class.

Here is a picture of our Kappa Alpha Theta pledge class this year!

On Reveal Night, when my friends and I all gathered in the Science Center waiting anxiously to open our envelopes and find out which sorority we were in, I felt like a sense of community unlike anything else I had experienced at Harvard.  And when I opened my card and heard the cheers of “I am a T, I am a T-H, I am a T-H-E-T-A” calling outside, and I got to run through the tunnel of excited Thetas, I knew that I would rank it as one of my coolest moments in college.

So that’s one of the things I’ve been up to.  What do you guys think about Greek life?  Would you ever consider going Greek in college?

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  1. Quebec students’s avatar

    Hi Kate, I’m a student from Quebec (Canada) and for a school project my team and I will come to Boston to visit Harvard. We were wondering if it was possible to meet you to get some informations about sorority because in Quebec we don’t have this and we are very curios about it. If it is not possible for you maybe just refer us to someone that will be able to it. Thanks a lot

    1. Kate Meakem’s avatar

      Oooooo a trip to Harvard! SO SO SO exciting! Depending when you’re around, I might not be in town (our spring break is coming up). But I would LOVE to answer any questions you have about anything and everything right here on this blog! That way everyone can benefit from my brilliant wisdom (just kidding!). Also, you have just given me a new idea for a blog post! I think I’ll make one on the top 10 things to do when a visiting student at Harvard. Just some that come to mind: go check out the Adams House tunnels (getting lost is part of the fun), have a burger at Bartley’s, forget touching John Harvard’s foot — return at night and sit on his lap, check out memorial hall (and try to sneak into Annenberg — the freshman dining hall), make sure to be outside of the Science Center between 12:00-12:07 (it’s said that something like half of the Harvard undergrad population passes through there at that time)…. and I’ll come up with more! Be in touch!

    2. carol’s avatar

      oi meu nome é caroline sou do brasil, e adoro os blogs de harvard

      1. Kate Meakem’s avatar


      2. juju’s avatar

        hey i think its really great that harvard has amazing sororities. however, i really want to know whether a grad student(LLM) can rush? i am an int. student and nver got to experience greek life as i dreamed. i hope its not too late. please reply

        1. Kate Meakem’s avatar

          To be honest, I am not really sure. I think the undergraduate fraternities are reserved for undergraduates, but there may be graduate-level greek life or comparable social clubs. Depending on where you go to grad school (…Harvard??), you should ask around and see what they offer. Even if it’s not a sorority, I would highly recommend getting involved in an extracurricular that will give you a built-in social network.

        2. Nuwan Ariyawansa’s avatar

          In what ways do you think Greek life at Harvard differs from Greek life at other universities?

          1. Kate Meakem’s avatar

            Great question! I think the main difference is that Greek life is NOT a big deal here at Harvard. Being in a sorority can give you a great network of AMAZING girls who provide a lot of great advice and a lot of great fun, but it most definitely does not make or break your social life like it can at other schools. Harvard has a wealth of other opportunities to be social, whether it be a sorority/fraternity, a final club, an extracurricular, or your dorm/house. That being said, I am LOVING my theta girls! <3

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