Cultural Rhythms & Shakira. That’s right- Shakira.

My, oh my, what an amazing couple of weeks its been! Even though Exams, Papers, and Class have been priority number one (and trust me, they’ve kept me BUSY), the plethora of events and school get-togethers have served for much needed study breaks and chances to rest my brain. Harvard definitely puts it through a workout.

One of the AMAZING events that I was able to attend was Cultural Rhythms. It’s an event, hosted by the Harvard Foundation, where the Harvard community is able to celebrate the diversity of its student body through a showcase of cultural performances. From traditional Mexican Mariachi music to African Dance to Martial Arts to Spoken Word, these performances are a chance for the students of Harvard to demonstrate their many talents that transcend cultural lines.

You see, you don’t have to be Mexican to play in the Mariachi and you don’t have to be African to participate in African dance- the beauty of these student organizations is that they are open to all who are willing to appreciate the many aspects of these cultural traditions and art. It’s an excellent venue for student expression and a great way to recognize the many talents of Harvard students.

Another aspect of Cultural Rhythms is the annual “Artist of the Year” that the Harvard Foundation honors at this event. And Guess who the Artist of the Year was this year…

A person whose beauty is only transcended by her passion for activism, musical artist Shakira was honored with being the Harvard Foundation’s 2011 Artist of the Year. And I got to meet her.

When the time came for Shakira to arrive, I was, of course, calm and collected but I’m not going to lie, as soon as she walked in that door, I was beaming and had trouble sitting still. She was amazing. Thank you, Harvard.

Take a look at how the day went! See how the Luncheon started off, see clips from the Show, and check out how the FOOD FESTIVAL was like by watching the video below! Enjoy!

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