Decision Day!

Today was a busy day in the Admissions Office: the culmination of a year of hard work. Decision letters were loaded onto the mail truck this afternoon and decision emails will be sent at 5pm EST.

It’s a tradition in the Harvard Admissions Office that everyone helps to load all the letters into the mail truck. Here you see some of the fun we had today – sealing all the packages and then our  assembly line of admissions officers, financial aid officers, staff members, faculty and student workers passing bin after bin of letters.

To give you a sense of the sheer volume we lifted this morning: 34,947 applications = 132 buckets and trays of mail!




It might be a lot of work, but this is one of the best days of the year for us. We’ve all taken a lot of time getting to know our admitted students over the past couple of months and we’re excited to send you the great news of your acceptance.

We look forward to seeing you on campus – ideally for Visitas in mid-April and next fall! In the meantime, take the time to ask us questions and use every resource to learn more about Harvard.

We want to congratulate the students being admitted today. You should be proud of your accomplishments. Welcome to the Class of 2015!

Warmest Wishes,
The Committee on Admissions at Harvard College

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  1. Denise’s avatar

    How many applied and how many got accepted?

  2. Adetola Omilana’s avatar

    Great!!!!!! I am so happy for all the new students. I hope that I will be among the class of 2016. I just happen to be visiting the website today and heard the good news. I will be visiting next week. I am so looking forward to it. See ya.

  3. Loulan Pitre AB 83 JD 86’s avatar

    Thanks for the hard work and the sincerity with which you approach it.

  4. Valerie Smith’s avatar

    Congratulations! What an exciting day!

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