We Will Rock You

It is finally here! I just got back from spending the better part of my day helping to register the many admitted students who are visiting Harvard College this weekend. This week has been full of nostalgia, as I first attended a revisit for medical school and then switched gears to helping coordinate Visitas for the College. Both reminded me of why I love Harvard: the people!

To all the admitted students visiting this weekend, make sure to spend time with current students and with the students who will be your classmates for the next four years, whether you meet them at an event like the Coffeehouse tonight or sit down next to them while grabbing a meal at Annenberg. I can still remember my visit to Harvard four years ago—I had a wonderful host (who I am still friends with) who took me on a tour of the Harvard campus (all the way from the Quad to Mather House!), showed me how to make a panini at Quincy DHall, answered all my little questions, and took me to a campus production of Chicago. I remember feeling like there were so many things to do, and so little time to take it all in–and I knew I couldn’t wait to come back and have four years to explore everything!

The Admissions Office, the Undergraduate Admissions Council, and many other staff, faculty, and students on campus have spent months putting together Visitas, so take advantage of the events available to you to explore all the aspects of Harvard, from academic open houses and panels to extracurricular meetings and social events like the Prefrosh Palooza (I am biased, but it will be amazing!) and Sunday Sundaes. Ask lots of questions, even ones you think are silly (I, for example, was for some reason very concerned about where to buy computer paper—and it turns out there is a Staples in the Square). We hope that you will fall in love with Harvard just like we did, and come to call it your home for the next four years.

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  1. jonathab’s avatar

    how can i study in harvard?? that’s my dream !! i finished school, and i want to study economy !!

  2. Lizabeth’s avatar

    Hello blogger,
    The reason for why I comment on your blog is to ask you something irrelevant to your latest blog post. It is regarding the top-hit movie, The Social Network, which is about the formation of http://www.facebook.com.
    Well, I figured that since you are a Harvard student, that you can tell me if how the university was portrayed in the film, if that’s how it’s in reality. I mean, is there really such think as the kirkland, and quency dormitiories?
    I would like to be verified whether this is true or false, and the reason being because I think it was really cool to see that harvard student get a quite large space to study, eat, relax, and simply enjoy the college life.

  3. sandali’s avatar

    i have always thought of Havard as a very stricrt, but obviously i was wrong :).

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