Presencia Latina 2011!

There are Latinos at Harvard?? Yup! There sure are. And just like the other many cultures on campus, we have something special to offer the community. One of the biggest opportunities we have on campus to do just that is through a showcase of Latin Arts called Presencia Latina!

Presencia Latina is made up of various student groups and performances from the Harvard and Boston community ready to show off their skills and share their talents! From acts ranging from Mariachi to Spoken Word to Latin Dance, Presencia Latina is definitely the culmination of Latin arts. And what I think is the best part of the entire show is the fact that you don’t have to be Latino to take part in it!

All of the performance groups had a diverse make-up of students. You see, College is the time to explore new things and learn to appreciate the many ways of life this world offers and I’m happy that everyone has the chance to appreciate the many cultures of the world through these different modes of art. Presencia Latina does a great job of making this possible.

This is the 9th year of Presencia Latina and I was definitely excited for the show! I am honored to be be given the opportunity to host such a big event. I knew I’d better be ready!! If you want to check out the ways I prepared for the show and to see how the show went, check out this video!

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