Harvard Latino Senior Dinner 2011

As the year winds down to a close and students throughout campus start to buckle down in the Harvard libraries, we start to realize- “Wow. In a few weeks, the Seniors this year are going to graduate.” And with that, we think about how this could be our last chance to spend time with them and to ask them for advice on excelling at Harvard. The Seniors have so much wisdom to pass on!

You see, a span of 4 years provides a lot of opportunities for growth and the experiences the Seniors have had serve as great learning tools for us younger kids. Especially with many of us trying to find our place in college and trying to take the culture shock head on, the advice of the Senior class is invaluable. Luckily, the Latino community at Harvard holds an annual Latino Senior Dinner hosted by Harvard-Radcliffe RAZA and Fuerza Latina. It’s the perfect opportunity to get one last chance for all of us to get together in solidarity and celebrate the graduation of the Senior Latinos.

At the dinner, we have delicious food from all over Latin-America and we get the chance to speak about the Seniors and the impact they have had on our undergraduate career as classmates, mentors, and friends. The Seniors also have their chance to share the lessons they’ve learned about appreciating each other and about living life to its fullest potential. Things can sometimes get a little emotional… The especially bold Seniors also share some of their most embarrassing moments and their funniest stories of their undergraduate career.

This event is definitely one of my favorites of the whole year. It’s a time where we can all gather and reminisce, smile, laugh -and sometimes cry together. It’s amazing to me that in just 2 years, I’ll be alongside my fellow Class of 2013 Latinos sharing our pieces of advice and embarrassing moments… Luckily, there’s still time.

Until then, Congratulations to the Harvard College Class of 2011! It was an honor to get to know you and to learn with you. Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you all accomplish.

And to provide some visuals, Check out these pictures from the Dinner!

The Latino Gentlemen at Senior Dinner


The Latina Ladies at Senior Dinner


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  1. Classifieds’s avatar

    Harvard Latino! Great!

  2. Meryem Psychic’s avatar

    Your post provide good preview of atmosphere at Harvard university campus. Boys and girls all are looking cool in their smart Latino dress-ups. 😉

    Cheers Enjoy The Life!

  3. Student Storage’s avatar

    Thumbs up for Harvard Latino.

  4. Maryam’s avatar

    Hi Jesse,

    This is the first time I visit an American blog, Although I love America and Harvard. I think your blog is nice.
    I’m Iranian(Persian), sending this from Iran. I wanted to ask you if possible we get in touch, I don’t know if yo have time or not. It’s really nice to have a friend from where that you love it a lot. anyway if you don’t have enough time or you wouldn’t like to do this, no problem.

  5. Ana Maria’s avatar

    😮 It’s very very great! , I like this college

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