Brazilian City Life

One of the best parts about being in another part of the world is the change of context. Even though you may be experiencing something familiar (for example, a college campus or museum like in the video below), it could be a totally different experience. The opening days in Sao Paulo, Brazil were definitely a change of context and I really enjoyed checking out the museums and cultural landmarks that riddle the city.

Come to think of it, Sao Paulo was a great (and slightly unexpected) introduction to Brazil. When I pictured Brazil, the first thing I thought of was the beach but the urban setting of the metropolitan city of Sao Paulo showed me that there was so much more. Sao Paulo is actually one of the largest cities in the world- which kind of blew my mind, to be honest. I was born and raised in the city (San Diego to be specific) so it was similar but totally different at the same time. There was definitely a lot to see, that’s for sure. Actually, let me show you- Check out the video to see a few of the things I was able to experience in the first few days!

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  1. Carol’s avatar

    I’m brazilian too and I live in Rio de Janeiro. One of the things I most like here is the diversity, cultural and social, that Brazil express, wherever you look. Like Danielle said, Brazil is not just carnival and beaches, but much more than that. Even with all the problems our country has, the people don’t forget to smile and be happy, and at day-to-day you can clearly see that. Have a great year!

  2. Orlando Silva’s avatar

    I would like to thank the student that came here and show the “other side” of Brazil. It was ok and nice to see it.
    There is a lot of misinformation about our country. There no information about the Scientific work made in Brazil, like Instituto Butantã, USP, DNS decodification, and a lot of other significant Scientific Works made here.
    It was great to see an American Student reporting what he saw without and Prejudgment and with a very exact way of showing it.
    Once in the USA somebody asked me if there was snake in the Subway here in São Paulo. It was an absurd but until today there is a lot of misinformation.
    Thanks for your visit. Came back soon.
    Orlando Silva
    Engineer who used to live for a little while in USA.

  3. daniel’s avatar

    Sao Paulo is huge and amazing but my favourite is Rio de Janeiro even though there is a stiff competition between the 2 big citities in Brazil.

    1. Jesse Sanchez’s avatar

      I agree that Sao Paulo is ENORMOUS! There were so many areas to check out and such a diverse community! Libertade was probably one of my favorite neighborhoods- I was told it has the largest (or one of the largest) japanese populations in Latin-America. Libertade’s going to be in the next video so definitely check it out!

    2. Danielle’s avatar

      Hello! I’m brazilian and I think it’s exciting that you’re knowing more about our country. People from other countries always think about our beaches and carnaval, but there’s so much more for you to see! I really hope you enjoy and have good studies. Sorry for the bad English :B

      1. Jesse Sanchez’s avatar

        Brazil is too diverse to sum it up as only Beaches and Carnaval. As amazing as those two aspects are, there are definitely so many interesting things to learn about the country. I hope to one day check out the interior. Some friends that I have made here told me that it is more rural, it would be exciting to see it! And don’t worry! Your english is great!

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