Porter Square Adventuring

This weekend I accomplished the impossible: I made the one mile journey up to Porter Square for the afternoon! I feel as though students around Harvard frequently will talk about how much they love going into Boston for dinner or a concert, but often forget that Cambridge is a pretty exciting city all on its own. It took me a few semesters to really get my bearings around campus, and it’s really only been within the past year or so that I’ve started to branch out and explore the rest of Cambridge. (A random, best-kept-secret suggestion? Get a membership at the Cambridge Public Library. They just built a new library building and it’s absolutely GORGEOUS – great place to study on the weekends! )

Harvard Square is one of a few “squares” in Cambridge, others being Kendall Square (by MIT), Central Square (about a mile east of Harvard, known for its small music venues), and Porter Square. This weekend I finally made the trek up to Porter for a haircut and a coffee date, and it was great!

For anyone who ends up looking for somewhere to get their hair cut once they get to campus, I definitely recommend Floyd’s Barber Shop. While I was definitely a bit afraid of going to a “barber shop” for the first time, I couldn’t have beat the deal I got: $30 for a great haircut. I was chatting with the stylist cutting my hair and she told me they’re a hot spot for high school and college students in Cambridge – guess this place is a secret I hadn’t quite caught up on yet.

I decided to spend a bit of time in Porter Square after I was done, and ended up going on a coffee date at this small, hole-in-the-wall café called Simon’s. They had a great iced coffee brew and homemade pastries, which definitely makes it my kind of place. I had to snap a picture of the sign they had outside: they definitely know who their patrons are!


Simon's Sandwich Board

The rest of the weekend was, admittedly, not as adventurous: I had a pretty painful problem set due for my physics class and a whole bunch of reading for my Social Studies tutorial. It was definitely nice to explore Cambridge a bit, though – great way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

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