The “Grucket” List

Most of you have probably heard of a “bucket list” – it’s like a wish list of things you want to before you die. Well, based off of that idea, my roommates and I recently decided to start a “Grucket List”, or a graduation bucket list. In fact, the chalkboard in our room has now been converted into a grucket list so that we can share ideas. I’m going to share a bit of my personal “grucket” list here! (if something’s crossed off, it means I’ve already gotten around to doing it!)

1. Invite a professor to faculty dinner.

2. Go see my blockmate and her improv comedy troupe perform.

3.  Eat at Mike’s Pastries in the North End.

4. Go sailing on the Charles River.

5. Spend a summer in Cambridge.

6. Go visit Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum, which is the oldest public arboretum in North America!

7. Go to a Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots game with friends.

8. Get together with my freshman year entryway at least once per semester. (so far, so good!)

9. Look at rare books in Harvard’s Houghton Library.

10. Write a senior thesis.

11. Row crew for Dunster Intramurals.

12. Ice skate at Frog Pond on Boston Common.

13. Attend more varsity sports games – and make sure I make it to the Harvard-Yale game every year!

14. Visit Walden Pond.

15. Attend morning prayer services at Memorial Church. It’s the longest running service in the country!

16. Learn to navigate the Harvard observatory by taking the introductory telescope class.

17. Take a class with fewer than five people.

18. Take a freshman seminar.

19. Visit the beautiful Mt. Auburn cemetery.

20. Visit four other Boston-area colleges. (I’m getting there – BU, Tufts, BC down)

21. See Yo-Yo Ma (’76) play in person. <– This should be happening next weekend, at Harvard’s 375th celebration!

22. Learn about the stained glass in Memorial Hall – each pane was donated by a graduating class and has its own story.

23. Jump off the Weeks Bridge.

24. Explore Harvard’s Natural History Museum and see the glass flowers exhibit.

25. Write for the Crimson. This half happened – I comped for a week and wrote this one spectacular article on an obscure indie band. That counts, right?

26. Attend Convocation each year. Admittedly, it’s for freshman, but it’s SUCH an exciting way to start a new school year. So much Harvard pride! Here’s the article from my freshman year – we were the first class to be officially welcomed to Harvard with Convocation.

27. Watch the sun rise from the Weeks Bridge.

28. Give a tour to a foreign dignitary. Already gave one to the Pakistani Foreign Minister last year!

29. Have a snowball fight in the Yard.

30. Graduate! Think this one’s pretty important.

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    Hay Caroline, I am Aldhiaz Pradipta. I am from Surabaya, Indonesia and I want to get college in Harvard next year. how can I signing up in Harvard when I were in Asia? I would greatly appreciate if you help. School at Harvard is my dream

  2. geofrey’s avatar

    nice one, i should form my own ”grucket list” the number i’d like to hit first in mine is

    1. tell others to write their own grucket list.
    ”Grucket list”

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