Hi, I’m Jeanie!

Jeanie Nguyen ’14

Although my vocal fluctuations may give it away, I’m a San Diego native, striving to preserve my tan during the depths of East Coast winters. As a sophomore premedical student, I intend to concentrate in Neurobiology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy and a citation in Spanish. I’m employed at the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory as a Research Assistant. Beyond class and sticking EKG probes on human subjects, I’m an exercise enthusiast who has developed a working mental map of Boston via distance running. My predilection for urban life and culture has been satisfied by my volunteering efforts as a youth tutor and mentor, as well as a liaison for the Distinguished Young Women of America scholarship program and the Elks National Foundation. I split my free time between hysterically laughing at corny jokes and pick up lines, craving delectable avocados, and watching trashy reality television…because who doesn’t like a good old fist pump every now and then?

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  1. Jeanie’s avatar

    Hi Judy!

    I adore the way we are connected! My freshman year (last year), I lived just a few steps away from Weld and as the Men’s Heavyweight coxswain, I practiced in Weld boathouse almost everyday!

    I’d really love to hear more about your history, it’s so interesting! And don’t worry, I’m a general food-lover too … and you probably know I get that from my mom! Hahaha Thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it!!

    –Jeanie Nguyen

  2. Judy Murray’s avatar

    Hi Jeanie, I work with your mom and have enjoyed listening to the adventures of you and your sister. I am a native Bostonian and my ancestors go back to the pilgrims. In particular, my ancestors are the Welds. As you know there is the Weld Boathouse and Weld Hall. My great grandfather graduated from Harvard in 1913 but he married a Weld but his name is William Augustine Nannery. His degree is Veterinary. I was excited to here you were attended Harvard!
    Some day you will miss the local Boston cuisine like I do. The problem I have is I miss all the cuisine from everywhere I go. I think I just like food.
    Well, I have the Boston accent down pretty good considering I left in 1977. I am looking forward to following your story! Judy

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