Hi, I’m Kemie!

Kemie Iko ‘14

Hi all!  My name is Kemie Iko and I’m from Fairfax, Virginia (just outside of the nation’s capital).  I am currently a sophomore at the College, and a proud resident of Pforzheimer House.  I am a History and Literature pre-concentrator (let’s hear it for the humanities!) and I have a foreign language citation in Spanish.  Beyond the walls of a classroom, I am involved in a number of on-campus organizations.  I serve as a tour guide for the Crimson Key Society, and I’m also involved with On Harvard Time and the Business Board of the Harvard Crimson.  When I get a minute to myself, you can find me deeply invested in my favorite television programs or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip and the newest YouTube sensations.

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  1. wangs’s avatar

    hello,saw your blogs,i have a great interest to make friends with you.i am a freshman at Ocean University of China,you see,happy to see you.yeah,thank you.

    1. Kemie’s avatar

      Hi! Thanks for posting. I’m glad that you’ve taken an interest in some of the things that the other bloggers and I have to say. Check the site each week for updates!

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