Hi, I’m Natalie!

Natalie Padilla ’15

Hey! My name is Natalie Padilla and I hail from the ever-warm area of Los Angeles, CA. I’m a senior, affiliated with Leverett House.  I’m a Government concentrator with a secondary in Philosophy, currently working on my senior government thesis! On-campus I work for the Food Literacy Project with the Harvard University Dining Services. I’m also the vice president of the Culinary Society and a board member for the Harvard Community Garden. (As you can tell, I’m into food and food issues). I also work with the environmental group on campus, Students for a Just and Sustainable Future. Besides cooking and eating, in my spare time I love to catch up on movies, bike around Cambridge (when it’s not too snowy), and go to concerts in the city. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect soy cappuccino and love an impromptu music-making session.

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  1. Justin Smith’s avatar

    Hi, I am from L.A. as well and am a Junior in high school. The winters must be tough since you are used to being in sunny CA, right? You actually had to buy jackets… Any advice you can offer to me with regard to admissions and getting selected?
    Thanks for your blog…
    Justin Smith

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