Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey everyone!  I unfortunately do not have much (read: any) time to post today because my life is CRAY-ZAY!!!!

I’m currently studying for my Math 1a midterm, and in the spirit I thought I’d break my life down into a (basic) math problem:

  •             This weekend = a friend coming into town to visit
  •             Monday =  8 page British History paper due at 10:00 am + 2 page Literature and Sexuality thought paper due at 12:00 pm
  •             Tuesday = 2 math problem sets due at 10:00 am  +  1 math midterm due at 7:00 pm + 1 Harvard Model Congress interview at 11:30 pm (no, that is not a typo… my interview is actually that late).

Problem:  This weekend + Monday + Tuesday

Result:  LOTS of work and VERY LITTLE TIME!!!


This picture pretty much captures my feelings

If I were in the mood to get creative, I might also factor in the amount of sleep I’ve accumulated over the past four days = 20 hrs.

Meaning the average amount of sleep I’ve had each night = 5 hrs.


The good news = after tonight, my life goes back to normal, and I am happy + Friday we have off of school!!!!!!!


If someone would like to take the time to actually compile all of this data to come up with a full equation, I would be SUPER impressed.

So I promise that you all will get a better post next week!  So sorry!

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  1. Nilson Solano’s avatar

    When time is needed to make quality time, using every minute to create, think or do something important.
    Because time is money, not lose it and ADVANTAGE well.
    a greeting

  2. Kate Meakem’s avatar

    Thanks so much Mohammad!!!! Now that work has died down a bit, I’m hoping to write a nice long post for next week. Any topic suggestions? Things you want to hear about?

    1. Mohammad Javad Keshavarz’s avatar

      Many thanks for your comment. First, I want you to knock out that work. Second, I beseech (want) you to say about the class of English literature, because I love the literature. Third, live and live and live. Be happy in your life.
      Hear the best messages from “The North Wind”
      note: “THE North Wind” is a literary word in Persian Literature. This wind brings the good messages.

    2. Mohammad Javad Keshavarz’s avatar

      Hi. Your posts are so attractive for me, so I always read them. I think that your blog is the best one and it shows an exciting life in Harvard. Now, I am awaiting for early action decisions. Please, write more and more.
      Have the best moments
      Mohammad Javad

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