Pre-Thanksgiving Jitters

The week before Thanksgiving is always a strange time at Harvard: we traditionally have the Harvard-Yale game the weekend before break, which leaves us with a two day span of classes and assignments to deal with before heading home for the holiday. Campus definitely starts to empty out relatively early, as a bunch of students from farther away generally tend to leave a day or two before the official break starts in order to get the longest vacation possible. I, being from Rhode Island and therefore close to home, have been left on campus for these last two days!

We just had the annual Harvard-Yale game this weekend, and Harvard won 45-7 (woot!). A bunch of my friends and I headed down to New Haven on Saturday morning – bright and early at 6:15 am! The Game (yes, we capitalize it) started at noon and Harvard proceeded to completely dominate. No better way to spend the day than to see the Crimson win! The bus ride back was great – almost everybody fell asleep immediately, and the ride was completely silent. I like to think of it as the sign of a successful day!


My roommates and I on the field after the Game!

Now that we’re back on campus, we’ve definitely started to settle into this strange pre-Thanksgiving week. Only one problem set separates me from a weeklong vacation! I know a lot of my friends are going to be flying home starting tomorrow (or have already left!), so things are definitely going to get quiet pretty quickly. The school sent out an announcement about dining hall closings over break, which means that vacation is nearly here!

Perhaps the weirdest thing about Thanksgiving is right when we get back – we only have one week of classes left when we return from vacation, and then we immediately start our winter “reading period”. I always feel like this time of year absolutely flies by, because once Harvard-Yale is over we jump into a whirlwind period of exams, papers, and final projects. I, for one, have a 25-page term paper that will be due ten days after I get back from Thanksgiving! It’s definitely scary to already have to be thinking about my huge end-of-year assignments.

Until that point, though, I’m looking forward to having a relaxing (almost) weeklong break at home. I’ll have to bring some work with me to make sure I’m being at least slightly productive, but the thought of sleeping in my own bed and having home-cooked meals sounds incredible at the moment. I’m even bringing my roommate home for Thanksgiving – we’re already scheming about what type of pie we’ll be baking! I’m starting my countdown to break now… 43 hours and counting!

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  1. 彭颖’s avatar

    Hi,stranger.I just happened here.

  2. David’s avatar

    go go Crimson! I’m sure this year for us again and again. it will be perfect anymore for our team.

  3. Serj’s avatar

    6:15am is way to early to be up on a Saturday, especially for a football game! Still, must have been nice to see the Harvard domination of Yale, live this year! Go Crimson!

  4. Nilson Solano’s avatar

    I hope you have a good year and that everything will be perfect, luck

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