Hi again!

I’ve been doing pretty standard posts for a while, and I decided I want to branch out a little bit. However, a quick recap of my week follows: Friday: Freshman Formal! (so so so fun) Saturday: my band played at The Fox, a final club. Sunday: nothing. (yay) Monday: slam poetry performance for MLK day (belated. also amazing.) Tuesday: band practice, school, the usual. Wednesday: study break of EPIC proportions with my entryway, rehearsal for slam poetry team, midnight meeting for The Crimson. Thursday: later tonight…Harvard Thinks Big 3!! (With my band!!)

SO. Ye olde Nostalgiques.

They are my band and I love them. Shannon said that she was truly grateful to be in a room with people she loved, and I get to feel that way every time I rehearse with the 11 other BAMFs in my group.

Instead of describing each and every one of them, I shall give you links. Here are the members. They are, as follows, Ben, Charles, Rachel, Patrick, Jack, Will, Leah, Alex, Noah, and Burt. (Okay, Nick is there, too. But he’s on break for Berklee stuff.) I sing for them, along with Leah and Alex. Basically, The Nostalgics are the bomb-diggity. Here’s a picture!


Later tonight we’re playing at Harvard Thinks Big, which is this set of mini-lectures, each 10 minutes long, about a huge variety of very interesting things. We are doing the transitions and the opening/closing numbers, playing “Think” by Aretha and “Signed Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. It’s going to be GREAT!

Basically, my band is my source of energy. Whenever I’m feeling really down, I can look forward to rehearsal and gigs, and I regain my sense of purpose. Also, this is the primary way that I’ve become friends with upperclassmen in a variety of houses, which is helpful, because I get to scope out my future House whilst chillin’ with my mates. We have members in Mather, Eliot, Pfoho, Leverett, and Adams, and hopefully I’ll end up in one of those places so that my band can slowly take over the House.

This is a quick picture of us the other night.

I also realized how awesome this little piece of live music is after talking with Dean from Dean and Britta, an alt. music duo, last week. He graduated in ’85, and said that Harvard had a really bad live music scene, so he had to go off-campus to really get what he was looking for. I now know how lucky I am (I mean, besides being here) to be able to have access to such a wide variety of artistic pursuits, especially music. We have Battle of the Bands, tons of gigging opportunities, a recording studio, and plenty of talented musicians to go around. (We even have rivals: Third Rail, my friend Warren’s band, and Mariachi Veritas, of which we don’t speak.) All in all, music is my outlet, through which I’m allowed to be crazy, sassy, mournful, and soulful.

My other artistic pursuits have expanded, luckily. In high school, I didn’t have the time to do visual arts, with all of the music and languages I was taking, as well as my other regular courses. Now, I can throw myself fully into music and languages and¬†photography, printmaking, and stenciling. It’s actually pretty cool. I wish my photographs were like this, though:¬†

I suppose that is all for now. If I think of anything else, I can update it!



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