A Tale of Two “Mornings”: A Week in Review

It’s the moment when you wake up and realize its still dark out that something is wrong—this happened twice in a one-day span. Don’t try this at home kids (unless you have it, but boy its rough), but when you have to wake up at 3am after a 2 hour nap to finish a paper due that morning, the next “nap” you take at 3pm may happen to turn into sleep (until 9pm). As a result, apologies for the late update.


Perhaps it was all the “I’ll finish it tomorrow” sentiments, but who could resist during this week of love and celebration. It began on Monday when my housemaster hosted his Open House—a great gathering in the master’s residence filled with friends, food, and fun including anything from costume parties on Halloween to pre-valentine card making as per this week. Even through the crowded residence my friends, after first greeting our housemaster, made a beeline for the Monkeybread.


And what is Moneybread you ask? If you have to ask, you have been missing out. The picture above describes it all, but this freshly made wonder from each Open House is basically a giant cinnamon roll. A Leverett House classic.


So there was that, and then there was Valentine’s Day, and a celebration with friends in the dorm. A ground meeting with the Food Literacy Project here, some planning for the Culinary Society Guacamole Festival (only weeks away!) there, and somehow its Thursday afternoon and work has just ended at 4pm. (At least there’s a delicious sandwich from Clover, my part-time job, involved).


In a sleepless daze that was the hours after I turned my paper in, I couldn’t help but be caught in awe as I admired the Harvard façade—yes, it was beautiful, but more it was quirky. The building for the departments represents each so well: the philosophy building—Emerson—with your large and clearly ancient armchairs, the Science Center in a shape of an—outdated—camera. And each with their own complimentary library filled the smell of old books—who doesn’t love that smell?


Needless to say, the paper turned out fine, and sleep is right around the corner. Have a good night!



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  1. Scott Yim’s avatar

    It’s crazy how much that looks like Quincy’s library…well, maybe it’s just the spiral staircase but very, very similar to the Qube. Haha I saw your picture and had to do a double take!

    1. npadilla’s avatar

      Really? I always view it as I walk by, I’ll have to check it out more closely next time 🙂

    2. SushiNut’s avatar

      I’d love a recipe for that Monkeybread. It looks pretty delicious….and looks like you would have quite a sugar comma afterwards!

      1. npadilla’s avatar

        Yeah, def. not the healthiest of items. I’m not sure about the exact recipe our housemaster uses, but there seems to be a bunch of yummy looking ones online when I searched 🙂

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