Enjoying Junior Parents’ Weekend!

I’m having a bit of a “time flies” moment: today marked the start of Junior Parents’ Weekend. There are several important lessons to be learned from this occasion:

  1. I’m getting old. Having your parents come to town to visit for Junior Parents’ Weekend officially means that your time at Harvard is coming to a close – by this point, I know what I’m studying, I have some vague idea of what I’ll be doing post-graduation, and the most important questions on my mind generally tend to surround my senior thesis and career aspirations. Heck, the housing lottery for my senior year is this coming Tuesday. My days, unfortunately, are starting to be numbered.
  2. Parents love to take their kids to dinner. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my undergraduate career, it’s that college students should take every available opportunity to eat out while parents are around. As much as I love HUDS, it’s always awesome to have an excuse to eat in the Square. This weekend we’re hitting two of my favorite restaurants, Henrietta’s Table and Sandrine’s.
  3. Parents also love to meet roommates. One of the nicest things about Junior Parents’ Weekend is that by this point, my roommates each know the others’ families and enjoy spending time with them – makes it a lot of fun to go out to dinner together!
  4. Take advantage of every opportunity to interact with faculty. Tonight, the Dunster Housemasters – Mr. and Mrs. Porter – hosted a reception for juniors and their parents. I was shocked to find that only about 20 juniors (out of a class of 100+) took advantage of the offer! At worst, these types of events are a good excuse to eat tasty food. At best, you get to learn more about different professors’ lives and how they interact with Harvard.

    Masters' Residence, where we had our reception

  5. New England winter is just as bad as I think it is. My roommates are both from warm climates – North Carolina and Southern California – and I know their parents were a bit shocked at the Boston cold. While I do feel bad that parents got blasted with a snowstorm this weekend, it’s a bit reassuring to get confirmation that this weather is, in fact, cold. It also makes me feel a bit more rugged for being able to survive New England!


Aside from spending time with my parents, my roommates, and their families, I’m also hoping to take this weekend as an excuse to visit a couple of museums on campus. The Museum of Natural History and the Sackler Art Museum are both open to parents for free this weekend (students always get free admission) and my parents and I are hoping to take advantage of that offer tomorrow afternoon. In contrast to Freshmen Parents’ Weekend, I now know where to take my parents on campus!

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    I love your blog, BTW!!!

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    Hi, Caroline!!!! I am SO excited that I am actually commenting on a Harvard student’s blog!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is SOOOOO awesome! OK. Now let’s get serious here. I’ve always wanted to attend Harvard–when I grow up, of course–ever since I was eight years old. Although I am now twelve years old, I am still in love with your university. I want to be a Language Arts/Literature Professor when I grow up, and also a writer. I love all kinds of animals, starting from the smallest ants to the huge blue whale. I personally don’t mind cockroaches, if they’re not in my house. The reason I absolutely love Harvard is because it’s listed in the WORLD’S top 10 most DIFFICULT and PROFESSIONAL universities (not colleges, but universities). My mom said that I will be allowed to tour the campus, but I will need a guide (-ing person, duh) to show me around (not just a map, although that would be really nice). So, you’re probably wondering what country I’m from…aren’t’ you? If you are, I’ll tell you where I’m from, but if you don’t care about that…well, I’m going to tell you anyway. 🙂 I’m from South Korea, so. I’m. Asian. Don’t make fun of me because of it; I know it’s not impossible. Mwahahahaha. OK, so anyhoos, back to my normally planned schedule. I just can’t wait until I get to actually go to Harvard (both ways: touring AND attending)! I have NO question on IFs or BUTs of MAYBEs, because I KNOW. THAT! I WILL! GET! A scholorship TO! ATTEND! THE!!!!! BEST!!! UNIVERSITY IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE (personal opinion…or fact, if so)!! HAAAARRRRVARRRDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I KNOW that a person has to have all A’s in gifted classes starting in seventh grade, and that’s what class I am attending right now…well, I at least took the tests. I sat in a chair for–literally–six hours today. My butt still hurts, and I barely had any lunch. The FOUR (each test had about 100 questions each–ugh!) tests I took were SUPER-DUPER easy, so I’ll most definitely pass them. Besides, I’m twelve years old (seventh grade) and I’m already working on Calculus.
    So, the big question is, if it’s still your junior year in The Great Harvard, will you be O’ so kind enough (SO old-styled) to be my guide when I get to tour the campus? Of course, a nice friend of mine–the great writer Mary Marvella Barfield–will come with me.

    P.S. Remember, Caroline!!! This is VERY important to me AND my future.
    P.P.S. BTW, I really like your name. Carrie is a really cute nickname. Heehee.

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    Great post! You wrote about exactly what I was looking for – plus a lot more information that I didn’t know!
    Thanks very much.

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