Decision Day in the Admissions Office!

Hi, everyone!  Today’s a big day for us in the Harvard Admissions Office– the day we mail our decisions to our Regular Decision applicants.  We will also e-mail admissions decisions to applicants today at 5pm EST.

The Committee has put a tremendous amount of time and energy into the admissions process over the past few months, and it’s hard to believe another cycle is coming to an end.  In both the Early Action and Regular Decision admissions processes, we were impressed, humbled, and inspired by the thousands of incredible students who shared their lives and accomplishments with us this year.  We work hard to get to know each of you through your applications and to put together a class of students who will learn from each other and take advantage of the unique opportunities and special community here at Harvard.  And today’s the day when we can finally step back and celebrate the Class of 2016.

This afternoon, the office gathered together to partake in one of our most cherished and long-standing traditions: loading the mail truck.  Who knew that heavy-lifting was part of an Admissions Officer’s job?!  For me, standing side-by-side with my colleagues carrying letters is a wonderful reminder year after year of just how many people work together to make this day happen.   “A real labor of love”– Dean Fitzsimmons calls it, and everyone here at 86 Brattle would agree.

To all students hearing from colleges over the next few weeks, we wish you the very best of luck.  Take time to do your research, talk to students, visit campuses.  College is a rewarding journey, and choosing your home for the next 4 years is an important and exciting decision.

To Harvard College’s Class of 2016, congratulations!!  We hope we’ll see you at our Visitas Program for admitted students in mid-April. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with questions.  We are always happy to hear from you!

Big Smiles Sealing Admit Letters

Loading the Mail Truck



A Glimpse of the Assembly Line



The Cake Says It All… Congratulations!

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