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I’m checking in with you guys after taking a spontaneous study break this evening.  This weekend was supposed to be work, work, work, because I have a couple of short papers to turn in this week, and a lot of reading to take care of.  However, tonight is also the night that Currier House is hosting their Millennium Dance, so I decided to head across the street to check it out.

The upperclassmen houses here at Harvard are a lot more then student residences.  Each house also functions as social space for the undergraduate student body.  Most houses will host a couple of parties a year, and typically these parties will have a special theme.  Decade dances seem to particularly popular here on campus.  Every year, there are three dances held in three of the twelve houses in honor of the most recent decades.  Leverett House on the River throws the 80’s Dance, Pforzheimer House (my house in the Quad) hosts the 90’s Dance, and Currier (also in Quad) is home to the Millennium Dance, in honor of the 2000’s.

Since the Millennium Dance is in such a convenient location, my friends and I decided to take a short break from our work to burn off some steam on the dance floor.  We didn’t want to get too distracted from our work, so we decided to head over to the dance in Currier as soon as it opened at 10:00 pm.

I had a great time letting loose with my girl friends and dancing around to the music of our youth.  Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, and several other performing artist’s from our younger years were all featured on the DJ’s playlist.

One of several dance circles on the dance floor at the beginning of the night.

I’m back in the Pfoho Library and ready to power through a few more chapters of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man for my History and Literature tutorial on Monday.  I never take the undergraduate housing system for granted because it affords me with fun and random opportunities like attending the Millennium Dance tonight.

The ceiling was covered with images from the 2000's, including pictures of Beyoncé, George W. Bush, and the American Idol logo.

Until next week!

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